Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dam,, they are giving the things away!

Still no rain, but at least they are somewhat, half-assed predicting some, maybe. Have scrubbed all my vats, cleaned all the gutters, and trimmed back all the tree limbs, so BRING IT BITCH!
I gotta tell ya, when we were offered the pipe water, it was at the best time.
We had been ordering water when we ran low and having it delivered. A couple problems with that was, they needed to sell the whole truck before they would come down here.
We would get together with neighbors and try to sell the whole thing and it would usually work, but sometimes not as fast as some of us needed. Then I swear the tank they used to haul our water was the same tank they used last week to haul diesel fuel! We learned to filter real good.
So having the pipe is great, expensive, but worth it.

 There is a new Harley Davidson dealership in Belize city. Yep, Black Pearl is their name and seems like they have decide they like it plenty here in Placencia.
They have come down to party/host shindigs a few times now. Their bar of choice is Barefoot naturally.
It is a nice fun bar right on the road so they can show off their bikes. (Harley riders like that)
I have been a motorcycle nut since I was around 10. There are very few times in my life I have not owned a bike, or 3. Now being one of those times. Never been much for the Harleys tho. I am more into performance where the folks at Harley seem to be more into style.
But if it has 2 wheels and a motor,, I’m in!
So now Black Pearl has been selling raffle tickets for a new Sportster. 50 bz a pop, I think. Been selling them for a few months now country wide.
Saturday was the drawing at where else but Barefoot. And bigger-n shit, Ally won!
 You remember her. Our friends Mark and Ally.

Anyway, she is the second friend I have who has won a Harley! Watch for her,,,,,

Shot a few good hummer shots a few days ago,,,

If you found yourself in a situation where you could save some asshole from drowning, or you could take an award winning photo of him drowning, what shutter speed and f-stop would you choose?

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Anonymous said...

That depends on the asshole. For the most common asshole I would think 125th @ f5.6 would work.