Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh great, here he goes again,,,,

It’s the silly season again.
Yup, big Easter week/weekend here.
Some of you may or may not have noticed that I am not a believer. Nope, not even remotely.
And I am very good about keeping my opinions about religion to myself. Until I am somehow directly affected by someone else’s views.
For instance, the Jehovah’s will get a remark or three back from me when they try to discuss their thoughts with me.
It would be the better thing for me to do, just politely decline their offer. But just the fact that they brought it up pisses me off and I react, wrongly, possibly.
But what really gets my dick in a knot is when the government forces this shit on me.
Any free thinking country would not mix church and state, I would hope. I know some still do and may never grow out of it but it still draws some blog juice from me.
Right now here in Belize, Easter is a big deal. I don’t know just how much it is with the God fearing crowd because I never really travel in those circles much.
But it is a huge deal for the young, drunken, crowd that flock to Placencia every year like zombies.
I use the term ‘zombies’ for a reason. They sorta re-enact the story of Zombie Jesus. You know the one, where Jesus supposedly croaks and they toss him in a cave. But the next day, he rises from the dead as Zombie Jesus!
Well, some of these party hounds will do the same thing. Fall over dead drunk only to come back to life the next day! Just in time for the wet ‘t’ shirt contest.
But back to the government meddling.
The liquor license board has some weird rules for various holidays, Easter being one. And each holiday their rules are interpreted differently by just about everyone. No one seems to be able to understand them.
The holiday is some shit thursday, good Friday, holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and some shit Monday.
So,, the good folks at the license board have decided that restaurants can be open all days straight thru (oh aren’t they kind), but CANNOT serve booze from Thursday night at 2100 until holy Saturday morning! So a lot of the places will just close as their booz sales are so much larger than the food .
But get this,, ALL grocery stores that sell booze MUST close for those same hours.
Now,,, how is it that the village council can trust the 50-60 bars/restaurants to follow the rules by just telling them not to sell booze, and yet they force the 8-10 grocery stores to close?
Now their food take is much larger than their booze recipts each and every day, yet they are forced to lose an entire days income.
And why? Fuckin religion that’s why.
Now,, I will not be effected by any of this as I won’t be hitting any bars on Friday and we have enough provisions to get thru it all. But that does not mean I agree and won’t bitch about it now does it.
Just what the fuck do they think they are accomplishing by forcing the sales of booze to close on Friday?
On election day I can somewhat see the point but good Friday??? And I was under the assumption Easter Sunday was the day to not drink and pray and shit.
Maybe they did not want to disrupt the beer sales during the wet ‘t’ shirt contest.

Fuckin hypocrites.

God for you is where you sweep away all the mysteries of the world, all the challenges to our intelligence. You simply turn your mind off and say God did it.


sandy A said...

Makes absolutely no sense to me either. I would think the big "no drinking" day would be Sunday! It's almost as dumb as counties being "dry" in the States....like here....Bowie county, Texarkana, Texas. But then, Miller COunty, Texarkana, Arkansas is wet. Makes absolutely no sense either. Dumb.

Mr. Roarke said...

Amen! Happy Zombie Jesus Day.

RPM said...

You're preaching to the choir here.

Texas has some screwed up liquor laws, but they are squat compared to say... Utah or Mississippi. In Texas liquor stores can be open 10am-9pm except on Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year's Day unless one of those holidays falls on Sunday then you have to be closed the following Monday.

Explain to me how that makes any sense. At least we don't have a stupid 3.2%/6.0% beer law.

RPM said...

Oh yeah... your Breach Clock is FUBAR. It shows 11:46 at 6:46.
Zombie time?

Anonymous said...

An Easter Weekend Wet T-Shirt Contest!!! Pics please.

Gra'ma Banana said...

Here in Mississippi we just fill the fridge with beer & vodka and a little food in case there is a Holy Day we missed!

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn!

Been a while. I think you need to look at Easter in a different context, probably more acceptable to you. One of the people I work with holds not an Easter Egg Hunt, but (wait for it) ... an Easter Beer Hunt. She hides cans of beer around the house and yard and the adults go out and find them and more than likely consume them. Why there could be a Belikin right out there by that coconut palm!

ESVA said...

Hey Barn, I understand ya but I think the blame is misdirected. Religious shit is there for ya to believe or not. No one forces it on ya. Fuckin gov't is a different animal. At least I can opt out and stay away from the folk lore believing folks. Try doing that with gov't and you'll find yourself beaten or in a cage or dead. Gov't and religion are responsible for more evil than any others but I think gov't is the champ where evil is practiced. So...fuck 'em BOTH! Just my .02 worth. Hope to drink a beer with ya someday.