Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I guess to win a pig I had to buy a ticket?

Ok,, the stupid bullshit religious holidays are done, for now and we can get back to our regularly programmed shit.
I only heard of 2 stabbings and one death, I expected much more so good on them. Hey-zus would be proud.

Just before the big holiday, I was invited along on a pig raffle.
Yep, had a live porker in the back of the truck as we went up and down the peninsula selling raffle tickets.
Do I need to mention that we hit most every bar along the way?
And do I also need to mention that when we wanted to bring the prize into the bar for promotional purposes we were turned down?
Anyway, we had to shut the project down early as the future BBQ was getting way hot no matter how much we parked in the shade and hosed him down.
But,, the lucky winner was DEZI from Riversdale!
No word of a party yet, still waiting to hear.

A story I have not told yet about a neighbor who went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant in SB not long ago.
Belize has a very multicultural population, and at times there can be a large communication gap.
In this case a neighbor went to the Chinese joint for dinner. He ordered two cheeseburgers to go.
When hearing this story, the first thing we all blurted out was ‘why the fuck do you order a cheeseburger at a Chinese restaurant’? normal thinking folks would lean toward the sweet&sour, or fried rice. But no, he ordered the cheeseburgers.
Got home, opened his meal bucket and took a big bite,,,, no burger. Just cheese. Checked the next one,, same thing, no burger.
I/we have learned that you need to look closely at the menu.
In this case what is listed it: cheeseburger, beef burger, ham burger.
And you will get exactly that.
Technically, he should have ordered a beef burger with cheese.
OK, lesson learned. Bet he never forgets it.

And as we are speaking of food,, I found some all beef hot-dogs at the new store in town. Got all excited as the only dogs we ever see are chicken or turkey.
I grilled up a few. Mine was covered in chili and cheese, Mrs. Barn’s was the usual mustard and shit.

Neither one of us were as thrilled as we hoped. Seems we don’t miss beef dogs anymore.
Oh well,,,

Couple bird photos to take up space,,,

What’s the point of going out? We’re just going to wind up back here anyway.


RPM said...

What ya need are some bratwurst!

Tim & Tina said...

Once you lose the sense of humor it is time to go,let me go and unpack my shit.

Anonymous said...

I found out that the difference between a hamburger and a ham sandwich was the bread, not the content.

Yup, the burger is on burger bread and a sandwich is on pack-bread.

Why would you go to a Chinese restaurant for a burger?

tDunno, I always go for fry-chicken!!!!