Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kevin Bacon died in Mental Breach!

We have had some interesting things happen here in Da Breach. Lemme fill you in.
Remember Jimmy Dean? The big pig that hung out here but called The V.I.P. Lounge his home.
Well his replacement has been hangin round the hood for awhile now. He was just as likeable as Jimmy and we called him Kevin Bacon. He would act like a dog at times, getting excited and bouncing around. He would come right up to a group of folks like Scurvy would, being real sociable.
He found the open doors at Scotts ground floor apt. and would come right on in!
I went to the Lounge last night as per usual and settled in for beers when Doris called me.
“Mr. Bill,, Kevin, he no respond to his name anymore.”
“huh, why not?”
She points to the back of the lot and with a slicing motion across her neck sez “Santos, he make bacon right now.”
And at that moment the beer drinking turned into a wake.
See ya Kevin, most likely on a plate!

We now have 8 Chinese grocery stores on the peninsula. Not specialize in Chinese food but owned and operated by Chinese.
3 of them are brand new and very nice!
They are all clean (except one could use a little help), well lit and cooled. And the inventory is getting real good! Lots of yuppie shit we have not seen in years.
Say what you want, but I miss some of that shit.

And here is a video to go along with the photo of our current health plan.

A new bird showed up for a few days. He was so at ease he ate from my hand! Until Scurvy saw that shit and put an end to it.

Having sex is like playing bridge - if you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand.

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Anonymous said...

I count 9 -

5 in Placencia, 3 in Seine Bight and one in the Breach