Monday, March 26, 2012

They came from outerspace,,,,,

Our lives are fully entwined with nature. We have had all kinds of critters in our house and on our deck.
Sitting there on the DoubleWide slurpin beer and PLOP, a snake falls from the rafters and lands near our feet.
Lately it has been house geckos that in the middle of some acrobatic sex act, lose their grip and both PLOP to the deck. And we notice they always land on their feet/bellys?
We have had raccons and coati’s both on the deck, frogs, aguti’s, fox, chickens, turkeys, snakes and your general assholes have all crossed our lot.
And right now we have an invasion.
Bugs have taken over our sea grape trees!
First it was the worms, then as they began to disperse the fly came out in their place and laid the eggs. All on the sea grape trees.
Today I grabbed the guy from BAHA and he took some samples as he did not know what they were either.
Mrs. Barn’s theory is: the worms turned into the flys who laid the eggs who will turn into the worms who will turn into the flys who will,,,,,,,

I’ll let you know.

Me fail English? That’s unpossible.

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