Thursday, March 22, 2012

And the SB800 said "Let there be light."

Photography and strobes. Always been a tough thing for me to learn, as with most people I presume.
Back in my film days, I could not afford to make many, if any, practice shots. You know the ones where you record each frame and the settings each photo was. Then after the contact sheet came back from the shop, try to learn what worked best for what situation.
To tell you the truth, it was easier and cheaper to just slap the flash on the camera, put everything in ‘auto-got-o’ and live with the results.
Then came digital
Everything changed right then. I no longer fear any flash situation. Not to say I have mastered it all, no way. But I reach for my flash all the time now and usually have everything in manual.
With my last camera, the D100, once I removed the flash from the camera, everything had to go to manual. And I needed a way to trigger them as well.
I chose to trigger with cords over optical. And I loved this system for years. Even felt I got pretty good with it.
Enter the D300s. and Nikon’s CLS system.
I can now trigger one of my strobes wirelessly and still use all the auto exposure stuff the camera has to offer!
(My old SB26 won’t sing and dance with the new camera)
I was hesitant to get into CLS, but I don’t know why. I guess I am just resistant to change. But lately I have been taking it for a spin.
Last night round beer thrity, Grevil came by in response to my request to get a shot of him and his new sickle.

This was a one light set-up with a 36in umbrella using CLS.
Set the camera and flash accordingly and blast away. The whole thing took 10 minutes.
I think I will be using this more and more.

I tried phone sex once, but the holes in the dial were too small.

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