Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lobsters, Mullets, and Boobs.

February arrived with more guests. More work, and less play. Not even time to update this blog fercrissakes.
Elvis’s new grocery store is almost done. Will I patronize? I really want my loyalty to follow Su and Kenny. If they get to run the new place, I will. If they stay where they are at, I will do my best to help support them.
I hear varying stories about what will happen and still don’t know for sure how it will play out.

Went to the Placencia Arts Festival yesterday. I really only went for 2 reasons. One was to find the glass-blower we know from Cayo. The other was to watch the dog show.
Our friend frm Cayo didn’t make it and the dog show was, shall we say, less than awesome.
About 6 Chihuawas, Chiwawa’s, little tiny dog looking things who were all dressed up in goofy costums.

I saw a banana, a lobster, and a mullet
So,, I sorta hung out near the beer tent.
There were some hotties running round, but contrary to what this looks like, this was not one of them.

These folks seem to be having fun.

On the plus side,, it was not the usual boiling hot temps.

And from the looks of this there could be a whole shit-load of boobs out there going un-supported! Some BIGUNS too!

I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure.

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