Friday, January 27, 2012

We spent most of our money on spam and beer, the rest we just wasted,,

Well, we can travel again. Not that we want to but we could. We got our new passports yesterday from the US embassy in Belmopan. Good for another 10 years.
We left early and had a good time while driving. Although,,, I was getting a bit worried with the height of the comfort level Mrs. Barn was enjoying while using my new camera. I thought at one point she was going to call it hers. (once she 'tweeks' her photos i'll post some)
Also since we got thru the passport dealy so quick, we did some exploring around the town. We found some real nice neighborhoods that I could easily slide into, nice parks with streams all that shit. Mostly clean and nice.
And we found our new favorite restaurant. Chan Son Palace. (or some such shit)
We had been going to the place by the hardware store but last week when we went it was HORRID! I am told there are new owners and they suck as cooks!
So to get here, you go towards the hospital, turn left at the ‘no left turn’ sign, go a block or so, turn again,, oh fuck it. If you want directions come see me. Great food!
And speaking of food, what would a BP trip be without hitting some grocery stores? And boy did I make a find.

The options are endless! Look for some stunning food photos soon!

And on a shelf very nearby was this must have item.

Want stunning photos of this products results also?

We have a fellow blogger here with us right now. He has been a reader of this blog for awhile and I have followed his as well.
He seems to be doing a running trip report over at The South 40. Check it out!

I'm not a bad guy! I've worked hard, and I love my wife. So why should I spend half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to Hell?


RPM said...

If you want to stay at the most relaxing place on the planet, Barnicle Bill's is the place!

Now if I can just remember to grab some bananas I can get some bat pics tonight.

Anonymous said...

From Runaway Bay Texas, take care of our Boy!!

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Sounds like you guys need to get out a little more.

The Chinese Chan Son Palace restaurant is located one block away and further in from the Emporium Plaza. That is the easiest way to describe getting there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barn!
Just dropping a hello to you and Mrs. Barn. I read the blog all the time and miss the hell outta you guys and the rest of the folks in the breach. ('Ceptin you know who)