Monday, January 23, 2012

I'll see your 2 dog turds and raise you 3 more,,,,

Lets begin with an update on that very interesting Honduran flight attendants outfit, shall we.
I got to digging around for its history and came up with some interesting stuff.
Turns out, a neighbor of ours found a Lazy-Boy recliner online somewhere, Craig’s list or some shit, that had been marked down considerably. Like down to 59$! So he made the plunge and ordered up the Lazy-Boy to be delivered.
The big day arrives and so does his delivery.
And guess what, his package consisted of this flight attendant’s suit instead of his recliner!?!?
Now I am sure you are wondering the same shit I am, how can you screw up things this bad? To mistake a flight suit for a recliner??
Well, that answer may never come. But as I have always said, only shop online from reputable dealers!

There was a free vet clinic this weekend. All free but donations heartily accepted.
The usual nut-jobs. And some spays and neuters as well.
I was there both days. Saturday Scurvy got checked out for tick fever. He got some drugs and a pat on the head.
Interesting point: it was fuckin hot. And with Scurvy’s extra hairy coat, I let him sit in the truck with the AC going for awhile to help cool him off. Me too of course.
Then his turn came up and the vet crammed his thermometer up Scurvy’s ass. The vet looked at the reading and asked “Has this dog been in the AC?”
That’s some damn good AC if it can be measured by the inside of a dogs butt!
Then once Scurvy was home, I spent the rest of the day and Sunday being the volunteer doggie shuttle. I transported anyone who needed a lift to or from the clinic. Saw lots of nice dogs and I may have fleas from letting a kitten play in my beard. Not the first time.
And if you were to shove some sort of mini-camera up some dogs ass, looking back out, this is the kind of photos you would get.

Call it ‘Ass-Cam’.

It's never quite the same when you're sober, is it?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help Barn. Your services were unmearsurable along with everyones. But your not sharing was Cruel and Inhumane Treatment.

Anonymous said...

Ass-cam would be great going through airport security. Think of the priceless shots you could get.

Security Agent: "Sir I need you to drop your draws and spread'em."
You: "no problem buddy, say cheese"