Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roll up your pants, it's too late to save your shoes.

Not much new to report, still chilly here tho.
So I got to thinking last night about some of the people we have seen come and go from here. There have defiantly been some characters.
One such character was named Bill something. But it was not long I began referring to him as ‘Bill Shit’.
This guy could spout more bull shit than most I have ever seen. Here are a couple examples.
One day at a small beer drinking gathering he began to warm up soon as all pistons were firing he let loose.
Some of you may have heard of Rocky Flats Nuclear facility outside Denver. I think they make triggers for weapons or some such shit. Highly secret and guarded.
Well ‘ol Bill Shit begins to tell the group how he used to work there. Not as a regular employee, no-sir-ee. He was employed as a genius. A well paid genius. 300$ per hour well paid genius.
Naturally, whatever he claimed his job was, he was the ONLY one at the facility who could do it.
He went on to tell us how one night in a bar he was paged (way back when only the very most important people carried pagers), his genius was required at the plant. Trouble was he was hammered.
His solution? He brought his friend with him who was not as drunk and Bill Shit talked him thru the immensely complicated procedure required to solve the issue with this particular nuclear trigger.
Lucky for you, me, and the world he managed to save the day before he went back to the bar.
Not 2 beers later he tells us he used to own the largest Harley dealership in Texas.
This guy was amazing. He left the party not long later, and the country soon after.

I had a return model come by for some updated photos. And I am always up for portrait practice.

Since the wives are downtown feeding dinners to the homeless, shouldn't we be at the nudie bar feeding dollars to the topless.


RPM said...

I've know a few guys like that. No matter what anybody had done/seen/ect they had a story to top it.

sandy a. said...

He must have been a member of the Pathological Liars Club. Yeah, that's the ticket....

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

When Bill left the area he had a small yard sale.

Seems I bought a bunch of small containers with nuts and bolts stuff.

Hope the hell he didn't leave any of those nuclear triggers in there. Hell one day the Breach may vaporize and we be all gone. Better check that crap out just to be sure.