Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's party like there's no tomorrow,, but if there is, keep on partying! UPDATED.

Well folks, another year shot in the ass. Gone, straight down the crapper.
And whoa-boy, looks like this next one will be the last too. As you all are fully aware, the world ends December 21, 2012. How do we know this? The Maya made a calendar years ago and that is where the days end.
So any fool with a working portion of brain matter could deduce that the world will cease on that date.
Now me, I am curious as to just what will happen. Will there be just an end to humanity? All living things? The entire planet goes up in dust? Or will it just be the calendars that end?
Anyway, till we know for sure don’t go buying any extended warranties, or shit like that.

Lets take a look back at the year in Mental Breach shall we.
The MBBC (Mental Breach Bachelor Club) still meets about every night, absolutely nothing changes there.
Texas did not invade Belize as previously assumed.
We suffered 2 fires, one devastating to the well being of the drinking crew.
Zombie sightings we down drastically over the year.
There were no hurricanes but a couple close calls.
Business was great and we had the usual mass of fun people fill up the cabana’s, lot’s of fun folks!
Scurvy had some bad luck with fat and abscess’s.
I have some bad luck with fat as well.
My dear friend Mr. Gout paid me a visit a couple times this year.
Some new fun camera gear found it’s way here.
The cabana’s we're all spruced up with tile and a new fridge, stand up beer cooler.
2011 saw the first ever person hurling over the rail of the DoubleWide! And get this, there was no booze involved!?
Ladies day at the bowling alley is still strong as well as ladies poker night. So many show up for poker it gets crowded,, as is my understanding.
I think the total number of traffic deaths has reached 9 since the pavement.
R.I.P. to those poor souls.
But on the other side, I can’t think of any dogs who have lost their lives to the road.
We saw a great FaceBook dust-up between a real-estate agent and the owner of an ‘alleged’ hooker bar. And that was a HOOT! Score one big one for the hooker bar!
And who could forget the now famous ‘Mistletoe-ball grab’? No matter how it is explained, no matter who sez who threw the first choke or punch, it still comes down to 2 grown men fighting over a plastic chair!

UPDATE: Hi, I'm the wife of the guy who got strangled at the misoltoe ball. After several weeks I was able to talk with the owners. The owners kept telling me that my husband threw the first punch. I kept telling them that that was un true. I had 8 witnesses including owners of buisness in the area that saw the whole thing. The owners truned to me and said they had 8 witnesses also that said my husband did. They both turned around in a huff saying it was my word againts theres. Yep there right. If this happened in the states it would have been a whole different ball game. We expected at least a gentelmans aplogy. We did not expect lies from them . Now I have better understanding how all the family felt when they let OJ Simpson go. Sad.Very sad.

I think the blog saw lots of boobs, not so many photos for the female readers tho, and I plan to change that just for them.
And the number of readers has hit 251,000!
Thank you all for that!

What’s in store for the next 355 days (minus 10 for the dec 21st thingy), more of the same shit BUT, with more of the same shit!

So go find some cold beers, or whatever gets you thru the it all, and sit back.
Oh, while you’re out getting them beers, you may want to load up on some eye-bleach.
Some things once seen cannot be un-seen.
And with that, here is your official New Year Baby!!!!

Your welcome.

Maybe just once someone will call me "sir" without adding "your making a scene.


RPM said...

The Texas invasion was merely postponed. I hear a patrol is being assembled for a January recon.

Happy New Year Barn & Adriane!

Rick said...

Barn, 2012 already looks like it will be a good one...well right after you empty that diaper anyway.
All the best in 2012 to you, and yours.

Barnacle said...
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Anonymous said...

I have a hard time equating murder ala OJ to a bit of choking and ball grabbing?

Rabbitmoon said...

9 people have died due to pavement! No dogs? Good, but crazy. The ball comment: aren't in the States so don't compare.

While bracing for the last photo; thinking it had to be a naked lady of some sort...good one Bill!

Happy New Year and hope the business keeps you afloat if not floating in beer!