Monday, December 12, 2011

Never send Lewis and Milton to fetch a pig,,,

Progress on the V.I.P. Lounge is moving right along. The roof is up, drunk rails, plans drawn up for the bar itself, and the tile is going down. I can almost taste those beers! What? who am I kidding. We have been over there drinking all along, just sitting on beer crates.

Doris had a BBQ again this weekend. I spoke with her Saturday morning and was told this BBQ would be chicken only. Oh, how come no pig? She tells me about the crew she sent to Riversdale to wrangle the pig. Once they got to the pig pen, one wrangler didn’t realize he was to fetch a pig and said he was wearing too nice clothes to wrestle with the pigs. The backup pig wrestler came right out and said he was afraid of pigs and ain’t getting in that pen. The pig farmer threw up his arms and sent them home, pigless. So chicken it was.
I asked if the chickens were easier to catch, she said 'Yes', they were in the freezer.
(the pig was delivered the next night)

 As I may have mentioned in the past, I am realy wanting to improve on my people portrait skills. I don’t feel anywhere near competent when trying to get good portraits. I am always asking for modles, pretty girls preferably, but anyone who will sit for me helps. Got a chance the other night. The ‘working girls’ at a local bar you may have heard about, were willing.
Now I feel I can light bats very well, and get some hummingbirds to pose for me. I feel confident there.
Why do I have such trouble getting people shots I am happy with? Give up? Stick to birds and bats?
Nope. Gonna keep right on begging for victims, subjects.

Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals…except the weasel


AJ. Baxter said...

What is the lighting set up you are using?

Barnacle said...

this night was a speedlite in a 43in umbrella on the right. and later on i added a second speedlight on the left. the 43in was my main source with the other dialed way back.
one thing i think i should be considering is to back down from my max sync speed and let some more ambient show thru. and a hair lite?

Barnacle said...

also,, i did see the glare from the light in the bottom photo and corrected that later.

Anonymous said...

Rim lite?

sandy a. said...

I'll pose, but only if you make me look 15 years younger....Photoshop to the rescue! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your models need to be back lit, or you need to try daytime shoots.

Wilma said...

I don't the technical terms, but I think you need a bit of backlighting to give the images depth. And I know I hate images of myself when my legs or feet are closer to the camera than my head or torso (note that I did not use the word "boobs" - doh!).


Barnacle said...

thanks,, all good advice.

Anonymous said...

How about an older Male Model. I have 24 pack abs.
I'm sure with photo shop you can do something. Maybe practice on the Men of the Peninsula calander for 2012.

RPM said...

There is a right way and a WRONG way to pick up a pig. Remember kids, It's "back to gut will save yer nuts!"