Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I don't hate mankind, it's people I can't stand,,,,

OK,, somebody kiss my ass. No, not you,, Ok, well you’ll do.
But here’s the deal, the phone company came out yesterday and updated our shit. New antenna, router, and,, I guess that’s it. Anyway, all was working just fucking fine. Why now change it?
So when they left, our internet was working and our laptop could connect as well. But now the guests cannot connect? And I exhausted all my knowledge when I told them to ‘try it again’.
But we got this fancy-pants new antenna that shoots all the way to Riversdale!
It don 't matter,, I still like BTL!

Update on the “real estate salesman-vs-prostitute battle.
I have no clue who did it, but as soon as he came out and demanded the shutdown of a local bar, without ANY  facts what-so-ever, seems all of his real-estate signs were spray painted!
But he cleaned the signs off and then offered a 5,000$ reward for the conviction of the perpetrators.
Numerous people have volunteered to take the rap. The way it is seen, and IF there is a conviction OK,, maybe a 500$ fine. A couple trips to Dangriga for court, (no big deal), and you end up $4,500 in the black!
Hell, I’m considering confessing my own bad self!

But on the cool side of things,, check out this wood carving we just got from some returning guests.
It was made with the help of a mentally challenged person named Vincent. Who I hear is very excited when he hears his work is popular!
Well Vincent did a whop-up job on this beer bottle. I am told there are 44 pieces of in-lay in this thing!!
I did all I could to show it in a photo, but until you lay your hands on it,, you won’t understand it.
To say it is way cool is an understatement..

Anyway,,,, there is your updates


Anonymous said...

Hey, how about we get together and claim we did it together? More believable if you ask me. You take the rap and I take the money. Works for me.
Are these wooden bottle's going to be for sale? I think they should negotiate with the Belikin company on that before they loose the rights. I'll take one. Will look good in my new Man Cave.

sandy a. said...

cool wooden beer bottle! i like it.
No one would believe you spray-painted those signs with a 4-letter word that wasn't even a cuss word. either you would be more entertaining, or there would have been cussing involved.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

Glad to hear you still like BTL. Please like them for at least another ten years. Why you ask?

Yep, I am a major stockholder in BTL, excepting the Belize Government. Well maybe not so big except maybe around the waistline.

But remember every time you give BTL money, you are giving me money through dividends and distributions. So feel good, your money is coming back to Maya Beach, at least a little bit of it.

Going to a big BTL Stockholders meeting next week, the 15th to be exact at the Princess Hotel & Casino. Yep, going to spend a night on the big town, gambling, drinking, and dancing girls. Might even take some pictures of some hotties while I'm at it. Hope to get some really neat Freebies at the Big Meeting. I heard they give out some really neat shit. Since this is my first rodeo with BTL, we shall see.