Friday, November 18, 2011

Now all I need is photos of Hookers! UPDATED WITH VIDEO

That last post will be a tough one to beat. Hell, I got to slam a preacher, and Real-estate salesman while at the same time defending the prostitution profession. Hell, that’s a Hat Trick for me! A tri-fecta. And like I said, I will keep you up when anything good happens.
 Back to reality.

It has been 5 months now with the new camera. How is everything getting along you ask? I could not be happier. Well, I could but it ain’t gonna happen. This is one sweet machine. It will take me a bit longer before I have all the possible custom features set to what I think would be perfect, because there is one hellofa lot of them! Some things that really stand out in my ‘like’ category.
The feel. It’s a heavy, well made, metal camera. It fits well in my hands and feels right.
The large monitor. I went from a 1.8 inch to the 3 inch and man is it nice.
Dual card slots. Configurable to many combinations of saving files.
 Large buttons. Bigger and well placed. And the most frequently used ones can be custom assigned a purpose. Very useful.
A larger sensor. Makes for nicer photos.
The MB-D10 battery pack/vertical grip. Love this extra! Twice the battery capacity and very comfortable to use especially with my larger lens. Balances things out nice.
CLS. Nikon’s ‘Creative Lighting System’. I am still a newbie to ‘wireless lighting but I want to explore this more. Problem is, I cannot mix my one non-CLS compatible strobe with the one compatible strobe. They fight each other like kids. But I’m working on it.

 Any bitches?
 One, but it’s not the camera.
I store my gear in Pelican cases when not in use. The case is not tall enough to store the camera with the batt grip installed. So I have to remove it each time I store the camera. And now with more gear, my 3 cases are getting to be a pain to deal with. Minor I know.
 One odd thing to note. The new camera, batt grip both have the lable MADE IN THILAND on them? Same with the manual. So even Japan is outsourcing work these days.
That manual by the way, is 404 pages deep. The phone book for the entire country of Belize, including yellow pages, Gov’nt pages, and cell phones is only 209!

I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.


sandy a. said...

weirdest video ever. If that was real that baby so would have drowned.

Anonymous said...

U have way to much time on your hands. Are you actually reading the Manual???

Anonymous said...

You're an odd character, Barn..I like that.