Sunday, November 27, 2011

A little of dis and a little of dat,,,

All quite on the western front. All guests checked out this morning and now for some cleanup and more minor repairs. Turkey day has came and went since we last posted. We stayed home and had a nice turkey meal. The carcass is in the stew pot right now on it’s way to becoming my favorite,, Turkey noodle soup! And looky there. Scurvy’s trampy girlfriend has plopped her ass right in the middle of the floor, contently inhaling the aromas. Time for a mention of a village restaurant/bar. RUMFISH.

It’s located in Placencia across from the ball field. I was asked to shoot some photos for their website so I spent a couple hours there Friday night. The place is great, the staff is well trained, friendly, and very polite. The beers were cold drafts so you know I was happy.

Although I did not eat, everything I saw both on the menu and passing by me tells me we should get back and try some food!
So RUMFISH gets a big thumbs up from me! Speaking of bars and thumbs up,, I see the zinc is being installed today on the roof of the V.I.P. Lounge! It’s just a matter of days now before I can plop my ass back in a bar stool and help solve all the worlds problems along with some of the sharpest minds this side of, of, of,, oh I don’t know. Let’s say Silk Grass. I’m serious. By the time I leave there after a good evening bellied up to the bar, you would be amazed on what we have all figured out. And we hit just about every subject you can think of. Trouble is,, no one takes any notes. So we have to reconvene the next night and start all over. But rest assured, we are on it like Oprah on a baked ham!

  They [women] need us [men] just as much as we need them. Why? Because we can do the job and you can't take a battery home to meet your mother."


Emily said...

That dragonfruit drink looks amazing. Hope to get down to Rumfish one of these days (from Ambergris Caye).

Anonymous said...

Barn, you gave me a laugh that I desperately needed and I think you know why.
Thanks again and see you friday.