Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nom nom nom nom,,,

I’m in the mood.
Yep, going to start doing some ‘creative’ cooking round here.
I am bored with what is on our menu each and every night.
Pork, chicken, some variation of each, repeat.
Google is my friend and youtube is a close second. There are unlimited ideas with these 2 for meals.
I have had trouble in the past with pie crust. Not anymore.
Nope, yesterday I made an excellent batch of meat pies. Not the usual chili filled type cause I didn’t have the stuff, but a pizza pie, if you will. Sausage, pepperoni, spices, and a red sauce with cheese. A very good start.

Now I need to find out why the Chinese don’t use cheese?
So watch and sniff for some weird smells coming from ‘Chez Barnacle in the very near future.

Yesterday someone mailed me cash for the road beautification project but instead of real money they sent me a Canadian $20 bill. Which is kind of fucked up because I wasn’t aware that Canada had different money than normal people, and I don’t even know what Canadian money is supposed to look like so for all I know someone made this on their printer and is just fucking with me.

It looked suspect.

You have the opportunity to respond to whatever happens in your world. You're probably going to choose badly though. I suggest adding booze to the equation because then you have an excuse for whatever dumbass thing you’re probably going to do anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I kinda liked the butt burger better then the quad above. The butt burger looks healthier.
"Let creativity guide you"