Saturday, November 5, 2011

Disaster strikes Da Breach! EDITED

At around 1530 or so, I heard the familiar WHOOMP of either thatch or palmettos going up in flames. It didn’t sink in at first but almost immediately there was a phone call.
We both got up, slapped on some shoes and headed for Doris.
And oh,, hell, yes,, the place was A-BLAZE!
A very good turn-out was there with buckets and hose’s.
As with any fire at first there is total confusion. Where’s the water, who brought buckets, but soon we fell into a good rhythm with the bucket brigade. Adriane was supplying extra hose and helping with the brigrade.
I ended up in the bar, top of the steps, first to toss water on the flames.
I think back now and I could cry.
The first bucket I threw was at my favorite barstool! The one I tend to sit at every time I go there. AND IT WAS FLAMIN!
The place looked like Dante's inferno centered right around my stool!
The next bucket went to Lewis’s stack of cd’s that were already a pile of goo.
Then each of the next buckets went to the bar itself. The bar we have all rested our elbows on since around ’97.
The actual bar was first in ‘The Excape’.
Hurricane Iris washed it away and the bar ended up at either the first Hungry Gecko or maybe the Frisky Frog, I don’t really remember the exact route.
But it finally ended up at Doris’s Hungry Gecko.

The place was a total loss.
The good news is, the concrete foundation should be fine. And Santos is great at building so I bet this will be re-born as soon as possible.
Doris and Santos have many many friends and family. They are liked by all.
It is a shame to see this happen to them, especially now. They were doing great, very popular; the season is just kicking in, all good for them. They did not deserve this.
I am told it was nothing more than an accident that caused it.
There will be many fund raisers in the coming weeks.

Since we seem to be pretty good at begging donations, please make even more here for this very worthy cause.
Any of you out of country that wish to donate, send it to us. We will make sure they get it.
I am going by tomorrow with some supplies and to see just what they need right away.

EDIT: They had been allowing me to store the lawn mower under the bar since we really don't have room here.
Someone had the sense to drag it out at the beginning of the fire as it has about 5 gallons of gas in it!
When it was over and time to go home, I fired up the mower to take it home. (no sense burdening them with that).
As i am walking the mower home, a neighbor pulls over and seriously asks me 'Why in theee hell did you bring a lawn mower to a fire?"
We both got a good laugh out of that.


sandy a said...

I am trying to send $$ via Debbie. We won't be there for another 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

It was a terrible thing to happen to Doris & Santos, however we can all be thankful no one was injured or killed, and the fire did not spread to the store downstairs or the living quarters at the rear of the property.

Kudos to all those who helped out with the bucket brigade and the garden hose brigade. Thanks to them the fire did not get a chance to spread any further causing more damage.

I think we can all find in our hearts to make a generous donation to help Doris and Santos get Back on their feet. They are two of the nicest and hard working people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Carole said...

FEED those hungry geckos!!! Hope they can get it back up deprisa, deprisa!!

RPM said...

Wow, I feel for anyone that's been thru a fire. Been there, got the smoke stained t-shirt.

Larry F. Smith said...

Amazing how a community pulls together in the face of crisis, Kudos to all the Maya Beach citizens who assisted in squelching what could have been a much more serious blaze. My heartfelt sympathies to Santos and Doris, but being the strong people they are, I'm sure they will be up and running again soon. Let's all see to it, by helping them out with donations. Best to all! Will see you in January. Smitty(Florida)

Anonymous said...

Really sorry to hear about the fire, still in Corozal, be down in a couple of days. Will help Doris & Santos
any way I can.

Anonymous said...

Bare-Knuckle Bill,

I almost wept when I read this. Sassy Butt sent me the link. Please pass along my best to Doris & Santos (Mi Famiglia Honduregna de Belize). I would like to scrape together whatever meager donation I can. What's the best way to get $$$ to them?
Jonathan (Sassy's Brudder)

Barnacle said...

jonathan,, you can mail it to us and we will get it to her. thanks!