Sunday, October 30, 2011

Take your can of beans and GET OFF MY LAWN!

Yea yea yea,, so it’s Halloween. Whoopdishit.
I can remember when we first arrived here, no one really cared about it either. But every year since it has become a premier get drunk occasion.
I used to dress up too. Every year I would dress up as a drunk Mental Breach resident and hit the bars.

A costume I have refined over the years to fit me perfectly. And it is really easy to do and cheap.

Sitting round here the other night and Mrs. Barn asked me “what if kids DO come around trick-or-treating, what do we give them?”
We both looked around and saw two items right off we could toss into their little goodie bags, a can of green beans and an old, stale liter of diet root beer.
And they would also receive the story of how when I was their age, we would have been damn glad to have a can of green beans! That was way before beans were even invented!
And how I would have knocked my own mother out of the way to reach stale root beer.

When I’m a zombie, I’m dipping everyone in RANCH. What is Billy Mays doing here? Oh, right.

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