Friday, October 28, 2011

Sandbox play at it's best.

OK,, I got a comment from a reader who said she was tired of the butt burger she was greeted with every time she looked at the blog. And you know me, I am an obliging type guy.
So just to erase that from her eyesight, here is a short report on yesterdays Humane Society’s election meeting.

First let me be clear the only reason I attended was for one, it was held at Mango’s, and two, I knew there would be fireworks.
I’m sorry,, I really don’t care who is running the show, I know they are doing what they think is best. It all seems to work in the animals favor,, sorta.
But I am sold on Dr. Babtist. He is our go-to Dr. if Scurvy get sick.
But to watch this meeting spiral into an overblown argument about what a meeting should and should not allow, what rules should and should not be adhered to, who is right and who is wrong, blah blah blah,, was pretty depressing. Bylaws, proxy’s, rules, yadda yadda blah. Never once was anything mentioned about how the animals would benefit from the new ‘board’, just how the new ‘board’ was going to straighten out the bylaws, rules, proxys, yadda yadda blah.
In my opinion, every ounce of energy should go to the animals, not that bullshit. But,, hey, that’s just me.
I remember years ago I got pissed off because the board wanted to spend money getting business cards for board members!
There’s a cat over there that needs a,,,, foot or some shit. Spend the money there.
Anyway, emotions ran high and I no doubt will piss off SOMEONE who reads this but hey, that’s what I am for, right?

(squirrel from Denver)

The best way to die is sit under a tree, eat lots of bologna and salami, drink a case of beer, then blow up.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a cat fight. wrrrrrr. But if you noticed, both side's got voted out. So it's a whole new gaggle. I have high hopes or im outa there. I don't take no bullshit. Sorry you didn't make it on.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Damn , I think I'm gonna do rounds in the Breach. Sex Orgie's??? Where????? Drug Party's???? Where??? Downloading Music at 2am????? Bull crapy. That was a radio. They were downloading porn. THAT'S THE BREACH.