Sunday, October 9, 2011

No boobs were either harmed OR exposed for this event,,,

Hot dam! Big night at Mango’s last night.
The first ever BAPE (beer and poker extravaganza) took place and it was a huge turn out.
Some note-worthy happenings,

No one removed their shirt, sad but true.
There were two full tables of players when this started,
There was an unlikely winner, an underdog so to speak,
We don’t have to listen to a Texan brag about winning for the next month,
There was only one person, who requested to NOT have photos posted in the blog,
And a dam good time was had by all!

Frank did his usual fine job of keeping us all well fed and beer-ed. He even added a few extra staff members, a girl stationed at each table to keep the players blood/alcohol levels adjusted correctly.

And with 2 kegs, he never runs out of beer!
I can see where this will become a regular occurring event as it was very good for the area and Frank had a very good business night as well. Look for notice of the next game day.

One disclaimer: Frank was also very good at keeping me beer-ed up as well, so I am not proud of any of these photos, but that’s what happens when I mix beer and megapixels. I'm not blaming Frank.


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Anonymous said...

It looks like Scott's secret is to not drink beer.

Barnacle said...

HA,, not hardly.
that coke belongs to the player on his left.

Pandora's Aquarium said...

Oh nice!! Wish I was there!

Pandora's Aquarium said...

Nice! I wish I was there! :)