Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Liquor up front, poker in the rear.

POKER,,, yep, a full on no-holds-barred Texas hold-um tourney is taking place this weekend. Be there or be square.
I was not paying attention when the format was explained, but I plan to be there camera in tow.
And as you can clearly see, Ms. Tilly here is holding a solid pair!

But in some more local news, check out just how well this new BBQ starter works. That fucker gets some coal glowing!

And just because I needed something to photograph while drinking beer, I found this watch I bought from the ships store onboard the USS Lockwood FF 1064, I sent it to my dad as a gift. When he died I brought it back home with me. Still works like a champ!
By the way, I bought this in '76.


Anonymous said...

Love the watch.

Maybe I should wear a shirt like that in the poker game. ??

Your loving wife

sandy a said...

That watch is probably worth a lot of $$. People that collect watches go crazy for watches like that.

JRinSC said...

I bought a watch to use on my sub back in 1969 -- funny thing is it is a windup analog watch with a 24 hour face. Talk about screwing someone up when they glance at to get the time!!

I did it because I got tired of waking up an looking at the ship's clock and not knowing whether or not I was getting ready to eat breakfast or supper. We were on a 6 on - 12 off schedule so you could never remember -- but my watch sure did the trick.



Anonymous said...

I thought that was your wife. Let me know if she wears a shirt like that. I'll be there as an observer.