Monday, September 19, 2011

Mud-O-Cross, Belizean style.

The weather has been shitty for awhile now. A couple weeks ago we got 6 inchs of rain that flooded the compound here and it has not gotten a chance to dry out yet. It just keeps raining and drizzeling.
Good thing the construction crew is working inside, although they do venture out to cut tiles.
Speaking of venturing out, I got a rare treat yesterday. What’s that you ask? Well I had been looking forward to attending a motocross race here in Belize ever since I found out they actually do have them!
And glory be un-to-me I was going to go, as long as the river don’t rise.
Well bigger-n shit, Saturday the Kendal bridge was closed due to the river flowing 2 feet above it.
Dammit, I’m gonna get screwed outa a race because 3 years ago the bridge washed out, and the GOB has not replaced it yet!
But by Sunday morning the water had receded and it was passable so off I went, camera in hand.
Mrs. Barn stayed behind due to the construction but she wants to go next time.
With all the rain the track was a virtual mud-pit. A guy could have made money selling tear-offs or roll-off systems as I saw none being used. But these kids are doing all they can to get boots so a goggle system would be considered an unnecessary luxury.

It was somewhat refreshing to see a race at this level. No fancy stuff, just the basics.
A team from Guatland came over and they held their own very well against the Belizean Mennonites.

Yup, I said Mennonites. Most of the riders were from Spanish Lookout, a Mennonite community north of here.

It was somewhat odd being at a MX race where there was no beer being sold and the pit-tootsies wore traditional Mennonite dresses and scarves. Not sumptin I am used to for sure. But,, I found some beer, ha ha.

But the whole event was cool, and I plan to attend all I can and support Belize’s newest registered sport.
Just gotta remember to bring my own beer,, shouldn’t be hard.

Half of life is fucking up - the other half is dealing with it.

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RPM said...

Mennonites and dirtbikes? I thought the never the twain would meet?