Thursday, August 4, 2011

It just don't get much better,,,,,,

Still boring as all hell round here. So much so that yesterday I went to see if there were any photo ops at womens bowling day! Sorry,, I left after 3 beers.
As we drove to the alley we saw that Mango’s had a full parking lot. So when I went into estrogen overload I told Mrs. Barn she could find me at Mango’s. And I hoofed it on down there. And when I arrived, low-and-befuckin-hold the place was empty!
I asked if someone farted but got no real reply.
So I drank beers with Frank and Raquel while gazing out the window at the sea.
Just in case any of you do not know either Frank or Raquel, get your ass’s to Mango’s! And do it soon. Great place, great food and great personalities!

She picked me up soon and we went on back to our familiar surroundings, DoubleWide, beer, and music. Just like we like it.

Mrs. Barn is out playing poker right now with the, uh hmmm, neighborhood ladies, so I went to the V.I.P. Lounge for a few. Caught up on some shit, heard way more than I wanted about colonoscopies, bladder infections, skin growths, shit that itches, and where the new hookers hang out.
A typical night with the boys. I enjoy most of it.

Here in Belize you are lucky to find quality ANYTHING. Most is either cheap Chinese crap or priced so hi it is out of reasonable reach. That is why we like shopping in Denver so much.
Here your choice of flip-flops is narrowed down to the 2.50 $us dollar type. Buy them by the 12 pack and call it good.
But I believe I just bought my last pair,, ever.

Hand sewn leather, leather toe post, and just as comfy as a well done colonoscopy!
These are my ‘dress up, goin to town’ shoes.
Sweet huh?

A couple area girls who I don't know the names of.

Beer - . // An intoxicating golden brew that reemerges virtually unchanged one hour later.


Anonymous said...

Maybe all those itchy things and infections are linked to the new area the hookers hang out?

Anonymous said...

Wear those beautiful shoes now!!

RPM said...

I look forward to a guided bar crawl in the not too distant future.

ESVA said...

Where did you buy those bad ass slippas? I have Hawaiian fish hooks on my living room wall and I gotta have a pair of those.