Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cause theres a man down there, might be your man I don't know,,,

Winding down the season here. One more set of guests before we shut-er-down for 2 months! WOW, that’s the first time ever we have done that!
We need to do some repairs on the place, all 3 houses get their countertops tiled over, one gets a new hand rail and door, and we get our shower enclose tiled. So this should be a laugh riot.

Went to a wedding this weekend. All the usual wedding stuff I suppose. But the happy couple have been together for years, have 2 kids and are just now getting the paperwork taken care of. Oh well, anything for a party.
Here is an interesting shot of the groom on the left, bride in the middle, and another friend on the right, about to get honked.

I was authorized to post this photo by the way.

Playing around with the new camera, checking settings.
Check out the butterfly eye.

And Scurvy eye.

And finaly, a guest stayed here a year ago with his wife on their honeymoon and wrote this song he said was ‘influenced by his stay’.
Pretty cool huh!

Remember when there was that one annoying Aunt who at weddings would always poke her bony finger in your side and squeal “You’re next”?
I found that now I can get back at her by doing the same thing at furnerals.

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