Saturday, August 27, 2011


So on a more up-beat note, the weather has been superb lately! I cannot remember it ever being so calm in the morning, about 10 in a row! The water is like glass, blue skies and all. I guess when there is a hurricane somewhere else it sucks all the bad weather into it?

In the past I am sure you have heard me moan on about all the basket sales people who come around to bug the guests into buying their crafts. Some I don’t mind and some I have to supervise.
And young man named Mateo comes around and he is one I don’t mind. He struck up a deal with our current guests for some baskets and carved wooden bowls, and he delivered them today while they were out snorkeling.
His wife makes these baskets by hand in their village on the southern hyway. I am going to set up a photo shoot over there to see how she does it.
I am told these things will hold water but have never tried it.
I included a cropped shot to give you a better idea of the detail involved in these things.

If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose.


sandy a said...

I think that is who Phil bought some nice pieces from--he is nice, not too pushy, and has some excellent pieces!

Sue W said...

I'll be interested to see your photos of these baskets being made. They remind me of some I saw when visiting my grandmother in the Ozarks in the 50s. The base material was pine needles.