Thursday, August 25, 2011

Elvis meets Maya Beach.

OK, serious resistance to a gas station at the proposed spot.
There are many reasons against a gas station; the ones for it are not up to the argument.
Naturally, a couple ‘contractors’ have reacted to the ‘stop work order’ with the usual cry about the workers who have to feed their families. And so by stopping this gas stations construction kids will starve. You will hear this over and over from both real estate agents and contractors both. They will build anything anywhere no matter what. If the GOB gives the go-ahead, then their conscience is blank. I could not live that way.
“I got the contract to build a nuclear waste disposal site right here in Maya Beach. It will keep me busy for years!” yea me!
I understand contractors have to survive, but how bout some consideration for the community? There are a couple who will build ANYTHING if they are paid. Is that right?
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Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

And I'm going to vote Fno again tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, i ws the first to vote. holly crapola. anyway, i'm not sure how this will all work out but as long as someone else write's those letters for Francis? No ligetimacy in it at all It's obvious who wrote it.