Saturday, July 23, 2011

Condos A Fire part 8

As the dugout beached itself on Drunkards Caye, Digby heard the elder singing along with Howling Wolf’s version of “Can’t Stay Here.”
“Come on in Digby,, been waiting for you. First thing, don’t believe them 2 lying sluts,, where the hell would I get a bunch of teddy-bear hamsters? And don’t forget, they told me they spoke no English,, them bitches.”
“It’s all right, they will be good for Waffle, give him something to do with his hands.”
“Sit here Digby, look at what I have come up with.”
Somehow, through his connections, the Elder had come up with a military version of Google Earth. It had amazing resolution, and refreshed at the rate of once every 15 minutes.
“I took some shots of the area at noon yesterday. Notice all these dump trucks gathered at this spot here. Then all night long I set the computer to take shots at ½ hour intervals.
Look at what these trucks do all night long.”
Watching the pattern of their movement, it was clear that these trucks were not hauling dirt, anywhere. It was as if they were using the cover of darkness to conceal something.
“Digby, what say I meet you tomorrow and we see if we can’t take a peak inside one of these trucks.”
“ok, sounds good, want me to come get you?”
“No, I’ll meet you at banana’s around noon-ish.”
So, as Digby headed back to the container, listening to “Make Mayan a Hawaiian” by Southern Culture on the Skids, he wondered if Waffle would be up for this, or should they leave him to his duty with the twins?
It could be worse he thought,,,
Once Digby returned to the container, he noticed some strange happenings.
Waffle was butt naked lying on the sand, now, not only was Velveeta and Chlorine with him, but a third girl had joined the mess. She was every bit as volumotious as the other two, and seemed to be enjoying herself just as much. They had Waffle laid out and were using his now erect penis as a sundial and arguing about whether it was 2:15 or 2:45.
“Digby,, check it out. Turns out there is another sister, she came over on the bus, her name is Spatula. Ain’t it great?” Spatula gave Digby a beautiful, toothy grin.
Yes, things just did get worse,,,,,,,

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Anonymous said...

Spatula, Chlorine and Velveeta!

Dang, those names strike me as hilarious.