Sunday, July 24, 2011

Condos A Fire part 9

As Digby opened his eyes and yawned, he could hear the Chachalacas’s railing up at each other. The sun was beginning to warm the container signaling the need to get up and out. As he pulled his shorts on, he glanced over and saw Waffle in what appeared to be a pile of flesh. Good for him he thought. He needs some lovin in his life.
He stepped over the ‘pile’ and stepped into the morning sun. He stretched and began to heat some water for coffee on the camp stove. He was to meet the Elder around noon, so he had time to get a few other things done first. One thing was to see if Barnacle was free to look at the shot up Yamaha. It was clear that Waffle was ‘kinda busy’ to get to that chore. Barnacle was just up the beach and there was a chance he could get the thing working again, so off he went to give him a shout.
Barnacle said he would come look at the motor soon, so Digby went on over to the Starving Lizard to get some breakfast. While crossing the road, he was nearly run down by a dump truck. After a nice meal of eggs, beans, and fry jacks, Digby made his way back home. Once he reached there, he could see all his other ‘container mates’ were up and active. Chlorine was in a plastic chair while Velveeta was braiding her hair.
Spatula was straddling a hammock, painting her toes, bright red! He had to admit, these girls were gorgeous!
No sign of Waffle though.
“Good morning ladies, how did everyone sleep last night?”
“I slept like a old dog.” Said Spatula.
“And so did i.” from Velveeta.
“To tell the truth, me and Waffle were up most of the night. I hope we didn’t keep you guys awake. Waffle can get a little ,,, noisy.” Chlorine was actually beginning to blush?
“I see you have found the coffee and stove, tell Waffle I will be at the boat, IF he gets up please.”
“No sweat sweetie.”

As Digby made his way to the beach, he could not help but wonder where all this was heading, all this weird shit with big buck operations could be trouble.
Almost everything you know, you learned through experience. Unfortunately, that is a long, drawn out process. The only thing that teaches common sense faster than experience is a bad experience.
Most of the things we have learned from trial-and-error, some well-meaning person told us all about it beforehand. We chose to ignore their advice and experience it for ourselves.
Digby had the feeling he had heard some well-meaning person, somewhere in his past advise him against this particular experience. But, he was about to experience it firsthand for his self. He couldn’t help it.

When he reached the boat, Barnacle was already there. He had the cowling off the Yamaha and was tinking around on the left side.
“Hey Digby,, looks like you lucked out here. One shot went straight through both sides of the cowling missing everything. Another shot hit the bracket for the starter motor, and since you use a rope, no big deal. This last one though, hit the electronic ignition box and blew it all to hell. But, you are in luck, I had a spare from that 40 hp I got in trade from the Rasta guy from BZ city, so you should be running in about 5 more minutes. Try to keep it out of the line of fire would ya.”
“Hey thanks,, can I get you a beer?”
“Sure, every time you see me, har har.”
Cat Sass was back in action.

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