Friday, July 22, 2011

Condos A Fire part 7

Meanwhile, back in the Breach,,,,,,

“Waffle, you stay here, I’m gonna run to town and return this camera. Maybe we will get some word from the Elder.”
Stretching and yawning, Waffle barely let out an audible “OK”. He was still in the hammock even though the sun had been up for 2 hours.
Digby jumped in Lucille and fired her up. As he began to head down the road south, the hula dashboard girl was rocking out to “Evangaline” by Los Lobos coming from the stereo. Digby made his way past all the development sites without seeing any dump trucks. He thought that was quite odd, but sluffed it off.
As he inched his way past the bank, he spotted Breeze, Callies sister. Since it was too early for the bar to be open, Digby thought he could hand off the camera to Breeze and save some time.
“Hi breeze, how ya doin?”
“Oh hey Digby,, I’m freekin good,, you?”
“Just peachy,, could you do me a favor and see that this camera gets back to Callie for me,, and tell her a big thanks from me please.”
“No sweat,, I will see her in about an hour anyway.”
“Thanks,, see you around.”
As Digby turned to head back to the van, he saw May Game stapling a flyer to a power pole.
“Hi May, what we got here worth reading?”
“Check it out Digby, we are getting a real meeting about the EIA up at the Emerald Hummingbird, this time the Dept of the environment will be there to answer our questions, cool huh?”
“Great, maybe this time we can have a real turn out. I’ll spread the word up north.”
The flyer stated just that, a meeting concerning this new development was to be held with the DOE present along with the developers to answer questions. It was to be held at the bar in Mental Breach called Banana’s. Possibly a poor choice of venues, but at least it was a meeting. It was scheduled for one week from today.
Digby stopped at Walton’s for some chow to take back home. He had a craving for some black label spam. And there was nothing better than spam cooked on his new George Foreman grill!
As he headed back north, he again noticed the absence of dump truck traffic and wondered what was up.

Not 5 minutes after Digby left, Waffle heard familiar giggling coming from the back side of the container. He looked around back and saw Velveeta and Chlorine coming his way. They were both clad in the same skimpy little outfits they had seen the day before.
They came up to Waffle and handed him a note. And with perfect English, Velveeta said,
“Here, this is from that butt-hole Elder.”
“Holy shit, he said you didn’t speak English.”
“Yea, well, fuck him, he pissed us off, but since he paid for us in advance for the whole month, we thought we would stay with you?” Velveeta was toying with him, rubbing his leg with hers. And Chlorine was doing the same to his other side.
“Oh hell yes you can stay here!”
When Digby pulled Lucille into the parking spot, he saw Waffle lying in the hammock under the tree sipping an umbrella drink. He had an odd look of contentment on his face.
“What’s with you?” said Digby.
Without saying a word, Waffle pointed the umbrella tip from his drink towards the sea.
Digby looked out and saw Velveeta and Chlorine swimming and splashing around in the calm water,, naked as the day they plopped out.
Digby shook his head and said, “No good can come from this.”
“Oh yea,, here Digby, they brought this from the Elder.” He handed him the note.
Digby unfolded the note and began to read,,”Digby, come on back out here, I have some new information to give you. Elder.
p.s. you can keep them two lyin tramps for your selves.”
“I wonder what happened with the girls?”
“Go ask them Digby, they will tell you.”
“Yea right,,.”
“Ok,,, but I told you.”
The girls came up wearing nothing but the water they were dripping.
“Go ahead, tell Digby what you told me”
Chlorine started to recount her side of the story, much to Digby’s delight and confusion.
She told of sex routines involving gallons of Wesson oil, large groupers, a box full of rubber bands, and a hand mixer from the kitchen. Tales about teddy-bear hamsters being shot at her from a wrist-rocket, while tied to a revolving wheel dressed in a Girl Scout suit, but with a tail.
“And that’s just what he was doing with me!” exclaimed Chlorine.
“They want to stay here Digby, an I want them too.”
“Aww,, what the hell,, I’m going back to Drunkards Caye,, try to stay out of trouble will ya.”

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I'm hooked!!! Good story!