Thursday, July 21, 2011

Condos A Fire part 6

Back at the beach, Digby swatted Waffle across the noggin,,
“What the fuck was that,, are you nuts?”
“What,, those girls liked me. Can’t I ever have any fun?”
‘waffle, try to keep it together during this,Ok, this could be very important, you heard the Elder.”
“OK,, can we go back first thing tomorrow?”
“Oh fer cryin out loud,, did you hear anything I said?”
“Yea,, I’ll be at the dugout waiting.”

Now with a new light being shed on the item Waffle found, and the elder on the case, things should be beginning to happen right quick.
Now, if only the boys could keep up,,,,,,,,,

In a boardroom, somewhere in Chicago, a meeting was beginning to take place. A long table made from endangered, very rare, Indonesian BillyWhop wood, with hi-back chairs arraigned in perfect order. There were glasses of water and pictures for re-fills at even spaces. A slide screen was on the wall and a tray of finger food was at the side table.
Milling around the room were several executive looking types, chatting and slapping each other on the back. The sign on the wall proclaimed in very large letters,
“VESTco”. In smaller lettering below, it was the phrase, “Agree or be crushed”
In walked a tall man and he shouted, “All right, gentleman, let’s take our seats, we have a few things to cover this morning. Please be seated.”
The men all found their seats and settled in.
“As you can all see from the documents in front of you, we are making progress in the area concerning the Belizean government to see things our way. But the problem has not been completely taken care of. I hear from our inside sources that there are some people disrupting a smooth flow down there. There is now a request in front of the GOB to hold ANOTHER E.I. A.,, this is exactly what we didn’t want to happen. If these yokels start sniffing around too much, they could stumble on to some discrepancies. We cannot have that. There is a woman down there causing quite a stir. Some ex-lawyer named,, let’s see,, here it is, May Game. We are going to have to send some ‘persuaders’ to visit her I am afraid, to help her see things our way. In addition, a report from the main site is that there are a couple local dipshits nosing around in the water near the distribution area. They will be dealt with as well. However, we cannot have this continuing. It could be difficult to get our project passed the GOB without having to double the ‘incentives’ we are already promising them. Any one have anything to add?”
Conrad Bigalow was the chief executive in charge of this project. He had been with the company for 5 years after his father died and his surviving mother who owns VESTco demanded Conrad be promoted. He had never been a qualified person for any part of the company. He had a slight criminal past, nothing large but still unsavory. He was proud of the fact that while serving a prison sentence for sodome-izeing a prairie dog, he learned how to drink beer through his nose. Until he was handed this position he would surely continue a downward spiral. As if bilking thousands of people out of their money and homes was an improved profession.
While the present group of execs shuffled their papers around, Conrad asked for a report of progress from each site under construction.
Parker James from the Mayan Bell site spoke first.
“Well, I can say that almost all our buildings are up and as far as I can tell, no one suspects anything.”
Louigi Boner from Boozees, “Everything is as usual here. We have just enough guests that no one suspects a thing. Business as usual, slow, but usual.”
The project manager from Sea Grape Estates, Sheldon Krank, shuffled through his papers and said, “Almost all the ground work is in place and with the addition of the new road, no one is giving us a second look.”
“ Ok,,let me see what I can arrange about these trouble spots and we will have brief meeting later this week.” With that, Conrad grabbed a tuna sandwich and the rest followed suit.
Something was seriously rotten in Denmark,, Chicago too,,,

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I am really enjoying this and getting a feeling of deja vu - thanks!