Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Condos A Fire part 5

“Digby, I think we should go see the Elder.”
“The thought has crossed my mind too Waf, I think he would know more about what to do, and then we can give Callie her camera back”
So they cleaned up the container a bit and made plans to go visit the Elder.
The Elder had lived out in the lagoon on Drunkards Caye for as long as anybody could remember. He had the first Mennonite house ever built and stayed completely to his self.
The only access to Drunkards Caye was by boat, and since the boy’s boat was a bit shot up right now, they would need to use the dug-out. There was always an old dug-out stashed in the mangroves that you could use to paddle out. They found it right where is always is. They climbed in and shoved off. Waffle was clumsily paddling them towards the caye. As they got close they could hear music coming from the house,, sounded like,,
“Long Snake Moan”, by Joe Ely. They reached the caye and grounded the boat.
By this time the Elder had always knew they were there and invited them in. today, there was no response from inside. Digby was half way up the stairs,,”Good Morning,,,” he was letting the Elder know they were there. Still no response. As they got to the door, they felt the knob and it was open. Digby pushed the door in ever so lightly,,”Hello,,anybody home?” now there was some rustling and clatter from the other side of the room, followed by giggles. Up popped the Elder, scrambling to pull up his shorts and keep his balance at the same time. His hair looked like the professor from Back to the Future.
“Uh,, oh,, hi boys,,, come on in,,, I’ll be right with you,,”
In a minute, the Elder came back with shorts and a shirt on, smoothing his hair back.
“Sorry boys, I wasn’t expecting anyone.”
“It’s Ok,, we should have made more noise.”
“What’s up fellas? What brings you out here?”
“We have a problem,, we hopped you could help us with it.”
“Go ahead boys, what’s wrong?”
They told the story all the way up to the Yamaha being executed, while the Elder listened closely, rubbing his chin.
“Did you bring the camera with you?”
“Yep,, here it is”
He took the little Nikon and headed to his computer desk.
“Lets take a look boys.”
As he was popping out the 512 SD memory card, there was some ruckus followed by more giggles from behind them. The boys turned around and were very surprised to see two half naked women standing near the hammocks. One girl had a teeny tiny bikini on, the other girl wore cutoff jean shorts,, only! They were coyly giggling and pointing at the Elder. With out taking his eyes off the girls, Waffle reached around and patted the Elder on the shoulder.
“Huh,, oh,, boys,, I guess you have met the sisters,, this is Velveeta, and Chlorine, they will be here until Monday morning. “Velveeta,, where’s your top? They speak no English, works in my favor ya know.” The boys could only stare.
The Elder was always alone out on Drunkards caye, and he had been known to phone up Tango Creek to a ‘Gentleman’s’ club, and have one or more girls sent out to spend the weekend,, or week. Seemed to work well for all involved.
“Let’s see what you have here.”
“What,, oh yea,,the pictures.”
The Elder fired up his Mac and the 32-inch monitor came to life. He slipped the memory cad into a card reader and began the transfer of images. Soon there were 40 images on the screen. He removed the card and inserted it back into Callie’s camera.
“Here you go,, lets see what we have here.”
He found the 5 photos Digby had taken and separated them from Callie’s bar photos.
He opened Photoshop, clicked on ‘batch’, made adjustments with ‘un-sharp mask’, a couple exposure adjustments, and some tone changes to adapt to the sea colors. Soon all the images were crisp, clear, and of correct color. They showed the cylindrical object with the 5 tubes heading to the beach in 5 different directions.
He clicked ‘minimize’, opened ‘documents’ clicked on ‘map’, open it and enlarged. Re-opened the photo, click and drag he transposed the cylinder image over the top of a map of the peninsula. With some fine-tuning, soon the 2 photos were perfectly aligned.
“I think we have something here boys,, look at that.”
“Holy shit,, look at that Waffle,,,, Waffle,,, Hey, what are you doing?”
Waffle was across the room in a hammock with the lovely Chlorine, who was now missing her top as well. Waffle had his face buried in Chlorines size 42 ‘d’s and without removing it, managed a muffled,,”mmmf-what,,” Chlorine didn’t mind, and soon Velveeta came around the corner and was shaking Waffles head around while giggling.
“That’s OK Waffle, you keep playing around,, I will do the work,, as I always do.”
“Look here Digby,, all those tubes you saw, they all head directly to all these new mega resorts that are springing up along the peninsula. See,, this one is aligned up with Sea Grape Estates, this one with The Mayan Bell, this tube lines up perfectly with Boozees, that one there is headed to where they want to put in The Emerald Hummingbird, but this last one,, it is going into Mental Breach,, right near your container? That one I don’t understand.”
At that time, a bikini top was sling-shot-ed across the room and landed on the monitor. Without any thought, the Elder swiped it away and continued to study the image on his screen.
“Waffle,, knock it off,, this is important!” Digby yelled.
“These tubes are big enough to pass a lot of things,, what could they be up to?” the Elder was rubbing his chin and scratching his head.
The Elder was considered the smartest person in the region and the boys were sure he could figure it out.
The music had now switched to the Lonesome Strangers, “Good Bye Lonesome, Hello Baby Doll” there was music 24hrs out at Drunkards Caye.
“Digby, why don’t you give Callie her camera back and give me some time to study on this, it could be critical to the area.”
‘OK,, can we come back tomorrow?”
“That should be fine.”
“Waffle,,,,, got damit,, police up your dick,, we gotta go!”
“Oh man,, this stuff don’t happen to me Digby,, can’t I stay?”
“Hey Waffle, Velveeta and Chlorine will be here when you get back, don’t worry, I like having them around!” Said the Elder.
“Oh,, crap,,,Ok.”
They said their goodbyes and the boys hopped in the dugout. As they paddled back to the peninsula, they could hear “Bad Reputation” by The Reverend Horton Heat being cranked up and wafting out of the windows.

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