Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Condos A Fire part 4

The next morning, as the sun rose, the boys were up and in the boat. The camera was charged up, and Cat Sass was fueled. They were going to get the underwater photos and get back before the goons seen them.
With the tune “Hell Bound Train” by Savoy Brown thumping in Digby’s brain, they turned Cat Sass towards Riversedge. Steaming along at trolling speed as to not be noticed, it took more than 1 hr to make the trip. Once there, they heaved over the cinder block, grabbed the camera, and dove in. as Digby shot photos, Waffle kept an eye on the surroundings, like he could help with anything. Photos taken, they surfaced. Once back in Cat Sass they saw the dingy heading their way.
“Fuck, Waffle, fire up that motor let’s get home!”
They were full throttle all the way with the dingy closing at a steady pace. The dingy was not content to just chase them off, he was following them this time.
They hit the beach and ran for the container. The dingy was right behind them.
Once inside, Digby had rigged all the windows and doors on a rope system. He could yank one rope and every window slammed shut, even the double doors. YANK.
Everything slammed shut, tight. They were sealed up like sardines. The goons were not happy and were banging on the walls and yelling. “We told you two dickweeds to stay away, we better not see you again.” With that they blasted a few rounds into Wafflel’s Yamaha outboard. They jumped into their dingy and motored back to the ‘Emerald Hummingbird’.
As they exited the container, the boys were nervous and pissed off.
“My motor,, them pricks!!”
“Don’t worry Waffle, we will be all right, we have photos now.”
What the boys didn’t know was that at that very minute, the plans were being laid to tie all 5 sites into one, linking the whole area in chaos!
It would not be a good year.


Pandora's Aquarium said...

Good stuff! Keep it coming! :)

Dave said...

Hey, I'm actually really enjoying reading this :) Who'd have thunk it? Please continue the "saga" until the end is reached, I really enjoy your writing style. Thanks for sharing with us.