Monday, July 18, 2011

Condos A Fire part 3

The 20ft. container was painted a bright blue with lime green trim. There were windows cut in all sides and the double doors had a roof extended out keeping that area in the shade. A small sign on a post read “Bless this Box”. A couple Mennonite chairs and 2 hammocks were all the furniture anywhere, but they required no other. They could cook, sleep, and spend all day there. It was home and it was free.
As digby and Waffle beached the boat, it was almost high noon and unbearably hot. After securing the boat, they both plopped in the hammocks.
“Digby, what should we do? Do we tell someone about the aliens?”
“Shut up Waffle, I’m thinking.”
Waffle had a strained look on his face as if he was deep in thought as well.
“Waffle, I got it, let’s go to the bar.” With that they both got up and made their way to Banana’s, the local watering hole.
Once inside they grabbed two stools near the phone. There was no one in the bar except them and the Barkeep.
“What’s up boys? Need a couple beers?”
“Yea, please, and where the hell is everyone?” Digby says as he wipes the sweat from his eyes.
“It’s been dead in here for quite some time, don’t understand why. With the Minister of Everyone’s Affairs married off, you would think the Breachers would come out again.”
“Wait till you hear what I found!” shouts Waffle.
After Digby kicks Waffle under the bar, he says, “Shush Waffle, we don’t know what you found.”
“Bet it has something to do with all the mysterious construction going on around here. You seen all them dump trucks going back and forth? They are empty going north, then full going south, but then empty going south and full going north?” Barkeep was polishing glasses as he spoke and reached for the next one.
“No, it’s aliens!” shouts Waffle.
“What? Aliens? You two been to Treetop’s for homegrown’s again?”
“Oh,,, Waffle found something strange in the water and his imagination is out of control over it.”
“I been seeing strange lights in the sky from up north there, almost every night now for weeks.”
“See, he has seen ‘em too.” Whines Waffle.
“I saw lights, what did you guys see?”
Excitedly Waffle jumps up and with arms flailing begins to recount his story.
“,,,,and that’s when we decided it best to head for home.”
“Wholy shit,, a Mac 10? That’s not alien that’s made here on earth! Shoots .45 cal. Rounds like,, like,, a bazillion a minute. I wonder if this has anything to do with that butt-ass huge resort thing suppose to be going in up that side? The Emerald Hummingbird or some shit like that.”
“ I dunno, but Waffle and me gotta go to the village this afternoon, we should dig around some.”
As the boys got up to leave and were half way down the stairs, Barkeep yelled after them, ”Hey you fucks, these beers will go on your tab ya know”
Digby and Waffle went to the village about every other week to pay what little bills they had and to get some supplies while checking their mail. The village of Pleasantcia was about 8 miles south of Mental Breach, and the dirt road was always bad. They had a ’62 VW bus they had been driving for 11 years. It was in perfect running condition and the inside was just what 2 old stoners would like. They kept the carpet on the floor clean and somehow free of too much sand. There was even the required tapestry hanging from the ceiling. The body was rusting in spots, but they kept after it with boat resin and fiberglass. They lovingly referred to it as “Lucille”. Complete with a dashboard hula girl.
The boys tossed the few empty beer crates they had in the back of “Lucille”, gathered up their flip flops and headed to town.
As they drove south they could not help but notice the dump trucks.
“HEY YOU CRAZY FUCK!!!” Digby shouted as he hung out the window waving his middle finger at the truck driver who just missed them doing about 50mph.
“Man Digby, what’s with all this construction?”
“Fucking developers have found us Waffle, we are so screwed! Where do all these people come from?”
As they pulled into town, they hit the post office first. Nothing there.
Next was the grocery store, “Waltons”.
As they were on the way in they spotted May Game. May was a long time resident of Pleasantcia. She was a high powered corporate lawyer in her past life until greed and cronyism made her seek calmer pastures. The sign on her office door read, “May B. Game, and that alone caused her some grief from the ‘good ‘ole boys’ in the firm as you can imagine. But she was tough and didn’t back down. She left under good conditions with a large sack of money under her arm, enough to eek out a meager living for a long time in Pleasantcia.
“Hi May, how you been?”
“Oh, hi guys, long time since I see you two”
“Yea” Digby says “it’s best we stay up north, you know how things are.”
“Sure do, you in town for beers?”
“Yea, and we were gonna try to see if anyone heard anything about weird shit going on up north? You know anything weird?”
“Why yes, I have heard there are some developers from Chicago trying to sneak a project under everyone’s noses. It is so big, they knew there would be opposition so they are trying to hide it.”
“That one with all the ponds?”
“No, further up, near Riversedge, the ‘Emerald Hummingbird’ or some shit. I hear now they are even doing some work and it has not even been approved yet.”
“That must be all them lights Barkeep was talking about, them pricks”
“They ain’t from Chicago, theys aliens!” spouts Waffle.
“I heard they had a EIA meeting up at the Misplaced Coral and never notified anyone.”
“That’s what we heard May, they even had free beer and no one told us!”
“That owner, Phil, he has hit on me more times than I can count. At one point he was stalking me!” May says with disgust in her eyes. I turned him down every time , but he just won’t move on?”
“What else you hear May?”
“We are going to get the government to wait and let us have another meeting that everyone can get to, and see what happens then.”
“Tell her about the aliens Digby, tell her.”
“Waffle found some weird shit in the sea up that way, probably nothing.”
“Well, you boys be careful up that way, they could be real dicks, we don’t know yet.”
“Allrighty May, you have fun and stay away from stalkers.” Chuckles and guffaws around. Once the beer was loaded into Lucille, the boys were ahead of schedule and decided to hit a bar while in town, research you know. They chose the ‘Bare-ass Beach Bar’, located on the beach near the center of town. It had been awhile since they had been there. Time to catch up.
They plopped down on two stools and Waffle noticing the bartender had not seen them yet, slapped his hand down on the bar, loudly, causing the bartender to jump.
WHAP,, “Ahh you fuck you,, you scared the shit out of me!” Callie was the daytime bartender at Bare Ass, and she was always glad to see the boys.
‘Good to see you Digby, and you too ‘Nimble-Nuts” handshakes were strong and genuine.
“Long time Callie, how bout a couple beers for me and Nimble-Nuts here”
“Real funny you guys, and good to see you too Callie” Waffle seemed a bit hurt, but he knew nothing was meant by it.
“Gossip,, lets go.” Said Digby.
“Dam, you get right to it”
“Yea” says Waffle, “What you know about the aliens up north?”
“I always thought everyone up in Mental Breach was a bit ,,, ‘out there’. He he.
“Waffle found some shit in the sea, weird shit. Thinks it’s from Uranus.”
“Bring it down, I’d love to see it.”
“Can’t, too big, still under water.”
“Here, take this underwater camera, get a photo and bring it back. I can down load it, then upload it, then transfer it, and manipulate it, until we do have aliens. Just kidding, but do get a photo. I want to see it”
“Allrighty then,, cool, we get to go snorkeling and take photos,, cool.”
The boys spent the afternoon getting lickered up for the drive back home.
“Lets get to bed early tonight Waffle, we can get the photo early and get back down here and see what Callie thinks”
But, Waffle was already asleep. How, as they bounced down the shitty road, was anybody’s guess.

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