Sunday, July 17, 2011

Condos A Fire, part 2

One month after the meeting in ‘Riversedge’, the sea was calm again. While the tiny skiff bobbed in the small waves, a lone swimmer popped his head above the surface. He grabbed the side of the boat, near the bow where the name was painted in bright red letters,
“CAT SASS’,,,he flung his flippers over the side and tossed in a medium sized snapper he had speared. He clamored onboard and while still struggling to catch his breath, he yanked on the starter rope of the 40hp Yamaha and pointed the bow of ‘Cat Sass’ to the south. “I gotta tell Digby about this” he mumbled through strained breaths.
The little Yamaha was WFO {wide fuckin open} as Waffle set a course for home and his best friend Digby.
Digby and Waffle still shared the same 20ft container they had for years. It was set up nice, and they were comfortable. They did have the local Mennonite use the SkyTrac to move it to the beach side after the Minister of Everyone’s Affairs got married and was too busy to bother with anything like these guys.
They had a nice little chunk on beach, almost in the middle of “Mental Breach’. They kept it clean and groomed. With plenty of small ‘home-y’ touches around.
As Waffle powered the skiff onto the beach, it woke Digby who was snoozing in a hammock under the palm trees. The skiff ran onto the beach with a bit more enthusiasm than usual and it startled Digby.
“What the fuck Waffle,,you tryin to bust up the boat?” he yells as he was half falling from the hammock.
“Digby, you gotta come see, I think the aliens are here,, in the water off Riversedge.”
“What the hell have you been smoking Waffle? Did you find some Canadian cancer pot?”
“No. come see,, grab your snorkel gear,, let’s go!”
Back in the boat, they steamed at full speed back to the site Waffle had been describing.
They dropped their home made anchor, a cinderblock on a rope, and geared up for the swim.
As the two came back to the surface, Waffle says, “See,, aliens!”
“I don’t know Waffle, maybe. But it sure is weird.”
They had seen a large cylindrical object standing on its edge with 5, 6ft diameter pipes extending from the base of the cylinder and heading towards the beach in 5 different directions. All gleaming like brand new stainless steel,, or something from outer space?
It looked like a huge, alien spider, or something.
What they did not see was a very fast attack type dingy heading their way. A group of 3 rather large well armed goons pulled the dingy up close to ‘Cat Sass’.
“You cannot be here, clear the area immediately.”
“We are just doing some snorkeling,, we have a right.” Says Digby.
“Not any more. We own this entire area and you are not allowed, now clear out.”
As the goon raised his Mac 10 sub machine gun in their direction, Digby and Waffle decided it would be best to go ahead and leave the area.
On their way back, Waffle says “What was that all about Digby?”
“I don’t know Waf,, but I don’t think we are dealing with aliens,, not from space anyway.”
They completely forgot about the snapper sloshing around in the bilges.

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