Thursday, July 28, 2011

Condos A Fire part 13

Cat Sass was slowly making its way out to the site. Waves were pounding the tiny skiff. They were large, cold waves and most of them found their way into the boat soaking the occupants. It was a dark night, very dark, Gotdam dark. How dark was it? It was,,um,,, it was fucking dark OK? The Elder was wearing night vision goggles and somewhat directing Waffle where to go. Digby was preparing the dive gear for the Elder. After about a 30 minute rodeo ride, they were close enough that the Elder could make out an image in the distance.
“Looks like we got one here.” Yelled the Elder. Soon they were close enough that both Waffle and Digby could see with out the goggles. As they all looked up, they could tell this was a cruise ship.
Slowly, the Elder directed waffle to the bow of the huge ship. They got close enough that Digby grabbed the anchor chain and tied Cat Sass to it.
Still being tossed by the sea, the little skiff was all but banging into the side of the ship.
Waffle raised the Yamaha while Digby helped the Elder into his dive gear. Once all geared up, the Elder slipped over the side into the water. Digby handed down the 500,000-candle power dive light and gave the Elder a salute. With a wave of his hand, the Elder slipped below the surface. The boys found a comfortable spot and while keeping am eye peeled for trouble, settled in for a wait.
The Elder was descending at the prescribed rate. While at it, he was shining his light on the center of the ships hull. He could make out something large protruding from the bottom of the ship. It appeared to be connecting to the center of the upright portion of the tube system on the sea floor. He worked his way down and to the connecting spot. As he examined the device, he made mental notes as to what it could be. It was a large, also round, flexible tube. It reminded the Elder of a huge dryer vent tube. It was gently swaying with the currents. As he got near, he could hear the sounds of something inside. He reached out and felt it. He could feel things moving in there. They were either loading or unloading something to or from this ship. As he made the decision to surface, he couldn’t help wonder what this cruise ship was doing this in the middle of the night.
“DIGBY,, LOOK!” Waffle was pointing up at the railing around the bow of the cruise ship. They had been spotted by lookouts that were pointing and shouting for others.
Soon a fire hose appeared. They began to hose down the tiny skiff. It was taking on more water than the bilge pump could keep up with. They had no choice but to un-tie and move out of range. As they got away just enough that the water could not reach, Digby saw the dingy full of goons speeding their way. “Fuck,, Waffle look!” they were speeding straight for them. As they got close enough, one goon stood up and raised a shoulder-fired missile launcher. He squeezed the trigger and sent a Russian made, 5.55mm “Skiff Sinker” a conventional, very agile, fiberglass-seeking missile, right at Cat Sass. FFFFFZZZZZZSSSSEEEERRRRRRRRRR.
It passed just overhead, hitting the water just feet away from where the Elder had just surfaced. The goon readied a next shot. FFFFFZZZZZZZSSSEEEERRRRRRRRR.
This shot found its target. Right up the Cat Sass,, you could say. Cat Sass exploded in half, with Digby flying south and Waffle going north. Once the smoke cleared, in the pile of floating debris, Digby and the Elder were clinging to the bow board with Cat Sass painted on it. Smoke filled the air, flames burned on the water surface where the skiffs gas caught fire. Quietly, Digby whispered “Waffle,, Waffle?” but there was no response. They could hear the dinghy’s motor nearby and ducked under the surface. When the reappeared, they saw the dingy making it’s way back to shore. Digby could make out the figure in the back of the dingy as Waffle. As two goons held Waffle down, he could barely make out Waffle mouthing the words, “Digby,,, Help me,,,,,!” The dingy faded from sight.

The Elder and Digby began their long swim to shore. All the while, the Elder was explaining what he found; Digby was preoccupied with how to help his friend Waffle.
I am going to need some real help with this one he thought.
I’m going to have to call in the troops.

It was a long, cold swim.


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