Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weed Whackin Muthas,,,

Well, I’m still alive. I know some of you have been concerned with my absence, lets say I HOPE some of you were concerned. It’s always good to get a blog up on a rather consistent schedule but sometime that just ain’t the way it works round here. Some of the things I have been busy with, Mrs. Barn got back from her visit with her parents. That always takes a few days to ‘re-acquaint’ ourselves, wink wink.
And now the 2 Yute's we have hired to chop the weeds alongside the road are taking up a bunch of time.
If you have not noticed, the road up here in the Breach is looking much better!
We have got lots of donations from neighbors and the V.I.P. Lounge and Mango’s have been feeding them lunch as their donations!

I have also been a internet shopping junkie this last few weeks. I have a pile of booty stacked up at my moms house so big I had to buy a huge rolling duffle and ship it there just to pack all this home!
Yes, I will be making that journey soon.

And this photo is one of the last to be taken with my trusty old D100.
In that pile at mom’s house will be my new upgrade. A D300s.
Am I excited? What do you think?

Whoever called it near beer was a poor judge of distance.

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RPM said...

Ah, the two what Mr. Gambini? Uh... uh, what was that word? Uh... did you say 'yutes'?