Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trophys and Sweeties in da Breach. UPDATE!

The road beautification project is steamin right along. Next thing you know, I’m in a meeting with the areas hi-end movers and shakers? How in thee hell did I get wrapped up in this?
Oh well, a couple other good things came from the meeting. I got a photo job, AND, I learned that if you shave before the full moon instead of after, you hair grows back faster. I shit you not.
This well may be so, but who would take the effort to test it?

And Scurvy brought home a new girl friend.

There’s no arguing, she is a sweetie. Now we wonder if and when she will go home.

More good PR for da Breach!
The good folks at the MB Bistro are finalists in BTB’s “Best in Belize” competition. I have confidence they will bring back the trophy!

Congratulations to the owners and the entire staff and crew of the MAYA BEACH HOTEL BISTRO!!!

Well, no surprise here. MB Bistro has won BEST RESTAURANT IN BELIZE!
That’s no small feat being the best an entire country has to offer.
Anyone who has been there knows the food, staff and service is top shelf. The atmosphere is made by the owners and staff to be perfect!
I had no doubts about this years winner.

Other peninsula winners include our favorite dive shop, AVADON, another no brainer.
And Althea Schable for front line person of the year.
Placencia always seems left behind, especially Maya Beach, but not anymore!
Congrats to all!

Woody: Little early in the day for a beer, isn't it, Norm?
Norm: So float a corn flake in it.

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Sue W said...

Face it, Barn. You ARE one of the movers and shakers in MB!