Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No tools in the truck, but plenty of beer?

Up at the butt-crack of dawn, dog walked, coffee made, and on the road by 0730 Dangriga bound.
Mrs. Barn needs a new driving license and I have been informed that after years of driving round with BZ plates, I now must get SC plates. Makes sense, but why did they let me go for years?

First stop, Transport.
Hey, look. We are the only ones here, schweet!
Took them 10 minutes to remove her 3 yr old photo from the expired license and glue it to a new one.
Note: she truly likes using the same photo for years,, women are like that.
Took another ten minutes to issue me new plates and the paperwork.
Then it took their ‘guy’ another 20 minutes to remove and install the new plates. And he really only got the back one on, sorta and the front is on the dash. I get to plant them both properly in the morning.
Note to self: I thought you were going to carry some tools in the truck dipshit!

I have seen this for the last few years and have always wanted a photo but they would not let me. But today, with no one around and the transport crew gathered in the room with AC and a microwave, I snuck my camera in and poked it thru the cage.

I have heard a few versions of why someone torched their way into the safe, but unfortunately none are as exciting as a robbery.

Most center around someone lost the key and/or combonation. But it always makes me laugh when I see it.

Then it’s off to LANDS DEPT to try and see why they send us notices that we are behind in our land taxes.
Mrs. Barn has all the receipts, naturally, proving we have paid all appropriate fees and taxes.
Turns out, during the MONTHS OF HELL we endured a few years back getting both our lots transferred to the new system, THEY did not enter one lot into the new system. Guess who gets to go back to Belmopan and get in line at Lands Dept? One guess,, goat head. Yep, that’s right US!

Hey, it could be worse. We could be in the states where it is flooding, burning, tornados everywhere, no jobs, buttzillions of cars on the road with you, assholes in every direction you look, Starbucks, Mickey d’s, WallMarts, Sarah Palin and The Donald, but I digress.
Oh,, and another guess, who is going to the land of opportunity soon? Let’s see if I can squeak out another visit without being arrested.

When I’m a zombie eating brains, I’m dipping everyone in RANCH.

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sandy a said...

Love the transport dept. in Dangriga. It's like time stood still in the 1950s.