Sunday, May 15, 2011

Halfway thru the game,,,

Yesterday was Mrs. Barn’s birthday. 50 freegin years old! That’s 100 Belizean!
And we celebrated. Normally I would treat her to a afternoon in the wonderful village of Silk Grass where wonders never end. But this year I pulled out all the stops, let loose all the monkeys, and uncorked every lid. We did the pub crawl through Mental Breach.
Stop #1, MB Bistro.
Beers beers beers, rums rums, munchies munchies, snacks and chocolate chicken tacos. Yes you heard me correctly. Chicken tacos with an experimental chocolate sauce. And of course they were great. I was scared at first but not anymore!
Then the party moved down the road to Mango’s.
Beers beers beers, rums rums rums, good times here as well.
Last stop before home, the V.I.P. lounge.
Beers beers bee,,,, fuck it, we gotta go home.
All done till next year.

A new restaurant in Siene Bight.
Upstairs of Elvis grocery has opened. Sign sez, eggrolls, wontons, dumplings and other items. It also sez, rooms for rent 40$ for 2 hours.
Hmmmmmmmmm. What are you to do for the other hour and fifty minutes?


Anonymous said...

A ciggie and a BJ?

Sue W said...

Happy birthday Adriane. I was born on May 14 myself, only in 1945.

Mark said...

Hey Adriane , Happy B'day . At 50 we started counting backwards , so next year you'll be 49 .

Anonymous said...

What are you to do for the other hour and fifty minutes?


Anonymous said...

Man, I don't know how she has let you live this long. That woman has great patient's and you are the recipient. She's not 50 or 100 Belizian. She is here and is 50. So when she goes to the states and steps off the plane, she's that 25 year old gal and lookin.
Happy Birthday Adiran.

RPM said...

Happy Birthday Adriane!

They say you are only as old as you feel. (Insert inappropriate touching joke here.) ;)