Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's a dog's life,,,

Thursday’s are my night out. Mrs. Barn goes off to play poker so I head for the V.I.P. Lounge to catch up on current events.
Tonight didn’t happen that way.
The lounge could not have been more boring, no one showed up till I was into my 5-6th beer, the kid, Raina was determined to watch sesame street or some shit. Fuck it,, I went home.
Got back just about the time Mrs. Barn was leaving.
Now what,,,,

I know, Scurvy, get yer ass in here. And put on these shades and sit still.
Well,, I can bet you know how smooth that went.
But I got ‘er done. And he never bit me either.

Some days our lives are just not that glamorous.

"How's the world been treating you?"
"Like a baby treats a diaper."


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the quite time's.
Life is treating me just fine. Could be better, could be worse. So it's alllll positive. I wake up every monring. As long as I'm not seeing the inerside of a casket or roots? It's gonna be a good day.

Denise said...

Scurvy is too cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

You have to go back a couple entries to the Zombie discussion, but read this first:

"Zombie Ants Have Fungus on the Brain"

New research has revealed how infection by a parasitic fungus dramatically changes the behavior of tropical of carpenter ants (species Camponotus leonardi), causing them to become zombie-like and to die at a spot that has optimal reproduction conditions for the fungus.

With all the ants, is any of this going on in Belize?

Scurvy us one cool-looking dude.