Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Most excitment we had all week!

I think I once mentioned that there is a SOLD sign on the lot to the south of us. did I also mention that we are apprehensive about who is going to move in right next door? It could be anyone. The only thing we can be sure of is that it won’t be Osama bin Laden! Nope, he’s kinda busy right now.
We have never heard who bought the lot, not even a rumor.
Someone sent a young worker once to chop a tiny area and plant 3 coconut trees. But that’s it.
Until yesterday.
Someone sent over another young man who started clearing,, from the center of the lot. He hacked away for awhile and started a small burn pile he was piling up the grass in. he lit the pile which caused us some concern as it is very dry right now and windy but the kid seemed to show some caution as he kept the fire small and contained.
But then he left.
As I stood at the toilet takin a whizz I heard a WHOOMP. I looked out the window and holy shit!

If you have never seen a palmetto patch go up in flames, well it is like tissue paper and there were a lot of palmettos on this lot!

Shake shake, tuck and zip,, yell at Mrs. Barn to call the fire truck and I head for the hose. To tell the truth, I was torn between the hose and the camera,, but choose the hose.
Soon everyone who drove by was stopping to help. A lot of the neighbors got word and came as well.

By the time the fire truck arrived the fire was out of reach to my hose and they did a great job of containing what could have been a big problem.

We hear they are looking for this kid and will fine him 100$. We were wondering if he would come back today at all and I had a nice ass-chewin speech all planned out but he never showed up(?).
We hope this is not some kind of omen of who is going to be our neighbors.
And a lesson learned: don’t go into a grass/brush fire wearing flip-flops.

"Can I pour you a beer, Barnacle?"
"A little early isn't it?"
"For a beer?"
"No, for stupid questions."


sandy a said...

Wow, that looks bad! I'll be the new owners aren't going to be too thrilled about that. Glad you, Adrianne, Scurvy, and the whole neighbourhood really, are safe!

Anonymous said...

Don't wear shorts either.
Glad it all came out ok. Bit hairy ( reason to not wear shorts as the hairs get smoked ) But glad it worked out.

RPM said...

Yikes! Glad you were able to save Chez Barn. I know how scary that is, came pretty close to losing my place the same way a couple years ago.