Thursday, May 19, 2011

I don't need no stinkin insurance,,,

Oh the fun we have had.
Over the years, Mango’s bar has been a main point in the fun that goes on in Mental Breach. Built in if I remember right, ’99 or ’00, we have been pleased to have partook in many of the shenanigans that have gone on.
Two stories come to mind. The first we have always called
“The Last Tango at Mango’s”.
Ok,, I was not actually there this night but this is what happened. First thing you have to understand is that there was alcohol involved, and plenty of it.
The current ‘manager’ of the bar was about ½ way thru adding the deck to the beach side. There were 2 doorways but the doors had been on order for awhile, and no deck yet either. To keep folks from plummeting 14ft to the sand below, they nailed up a 2x4 across each doorway.
Well sometime during this night, and for reasons I do not fully understand (neither do they) two grown men, each named Glen, began dancing with each other. (see, I told you there was booze involved.) some sort of waltz I hear.
Then, right during a particularly upbeat moment in the song, one Glen two-stepped the other Glen right thru the 2x4 and both Glens went slamming 14 ft to the ground. One glen landing on the other who broke his fall. The unlucky Glen spent the rest of the drunken evening trying to get some medical aid for his severely broken ankle.
All worked out tho and Brother Glen barely has a limp.

Next up is our friend George. You remember him, he was the hatchet man during the pig de-nutting episode awhile back.
Yet another night I was not in attendance when George took his turn at bar-room gymnastics.
As is my understanding, George decide to leave and chugged back his beer when another neighbor came in and talked him into staying for one more.
After probably more than one he gets up to leave.
Seems our gymnast missed calculated the steps and crashed down the first flight to the deck ½ way down the entrance.
Help came boiling down the stairs after him, grabbing him and shaking him asking ‘you all right, you hurt?’
Turns out, yes he was hurt.
George broke his neck!

(click to imbiggen so you can read)

The local docs told him to get to the hospital which he did.
First they wanted to put him in a ‘halo’, he declined. Then something else was offered and he again declined. So he wore a neck brace around for what seemed like months.
Well, another story with a happy ending.
George is right back at Mango’s doing what we all do best.
But it think we should all leave the bar-room gymnastics to the younger crowd. And that includes pole dancing!

If you want to drink all day, you gotta start early

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