Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will Belize invade Texas? And if so, why??

Found in my 'inbox'.

Hey Bill and Adriane,

I ran across something you may or most likely may not find interesting. Seems Belize was included in this year's April Fools Joke from Texas Motor Speedway. Not nearly as funny as last year when he suckered 90% of the local media into it, but it's something.

The following statement was issued today by Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage regarding his annual April Fool’s joke:

"After last year’s April Fool’s joke became an embarrassment for news organizations on a national level, you would think I would have learned my lesson. While I thought this year’s joke was much tamer, it apparently has touched a nerve for many.

I want to apologize to the Synchronized Swimming Association of America, fitness personality Richard Simmons, koala bear fans and the people of Belize. I especially want to thank Vinai Thummalapally, the U.S. Ambassador to Belize, for his wise counsel.

We’re working hard to prepare for next Saturday night’s Samsung Mobile 500 and I simply didn’t fully consider the impact of my joke."

Note-Due to the nature of the relationship between the U.S. and Belize, Gossage has reached an agreement with the Department of State to make no further comment.

So are you guys about to invade or what?

Take care and tell Scurvy I said "Hey".


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Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,
Just a note to say how much Mickey & I (week of 3-19 to 3-26) enjoyed our stay at your place. The bat scene fit perfectly with the Pink Floyd CD we found on the fridge, and even thou we are Mickey & Mark, we did not carve our initials into the branch by the porch. We did add to your shrine (big black flipper) but I was kinda wishing there was at least a small remnant of a bone in there. We ate at several restaurants and by far our favorite was the hungry gecko. Loved your rain water setup and really enjoying your coconut blog. Good luck with the cruise ship thing. I'm a bit pessimistic but who knows...after Egypt, maybe things are starting to change.
Maybe see you again, this time will stock YOUR fridge with the right stuff!
Mark Schaaf