Thursday, April 14, 2011

My readers are the BEST! With hot sauce.

Allrighty then,, I am back from parts unknown. Actually, I spent the day in the Land of the Mennonites today. Went to Spanish Lookout to get my AC repaired. Rest at ease,, I am cool.
One thing that slaps you right in the face while in Mennonite villages, is the difficulty finding beers? Oh well, the western hyway is just over the hill.

Went to the V.I.P. Lounge as Mrs. Barn went to her weekly girl’s night out and I got a couple interesting tidbits.
Seems the Heineken truck was on the peninsula yesterday selling beer. Also seems the truck was HYJACKED! They stole the beer and the truck! Apparently the Heineken folks were back today researching who bought ‘hot’ beer and did they pay with a check.

Then a laugh broke out as one beer drinker was commenting on how he got a tax break for adopting a child. Then,, the same child came up and asked for a juice and was told to ‘get a job’!
It may sound bad but it was all in fun and we got a good laugh from it.

Then yesterday we went to the village and got mail. This was included in our batch.

I don’t know if I have met this person cause my memory is bout as long as the list of beer I drink, but check it out!

Now, I assume this ‘birthday’ gift was for the blogs second year which was a while back, but Mrs. Barn snatched that Jackson quicker than quick claiming her birthday is next month.

And that’s when the fight started.
After a bunch of ‘fuck you’s went back and forth, we decided that it will be spent at Danube for a happy hour.
Herb, Sim,, make preporations!

And have I ever mentioned how much I like local hot sauce? No, well I really do.
Here is a tip,, Doris makes some of the BEST!

She sent me home with this little sample jar tonight. If you have not tried it,, what are you waiting for? The packaging is not so much for re-sale but fuck that,, grab some!!!

I'm having the best day of my life, and I owe it all to not going to Church!


Herb & Sim said...

going to stock up Saturday! Cu soon for gambling!

RPM said...

You're lucky it wasn't a Belikin truck. They would send the SWAT team straight to Chez Barn.

Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

Glad the BD card arrived, you never know. It is actually for the 3rd BD of As the Coconuts Drop, which is coming up in about 2 weeks or so. (Sorry Adrianne, if I hada known ... ) I have really enjoyed your blog, the beautiful photos and important info provided (cruise ships as an example).

In any case I hope you guys get that Big Beer up at the Danube. Wilma and I had a great meal there when we were in Seine Bight last October (a Shrimp-based bruschetta; Fish Goulash; and a taste of chocolate dumplings for desert; Wilma had the lamb sausage and the bulk of the dumplings). Give our best to Herb and Sim.

We have not met yet, almost were able to connect last October for food and drink but could not pull it off. Maybe in the near future. We are building North of Monkey River on the coast so we should be around ultimately.

Hope you'll favor your readers in the next year with more gifted photos of bats and hummingbirds.