Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Been real busy round these parts with guests, yard projects, and preparations for some friends’ arrival Thursday!
Yep, keep an eye on the international news for the next week, could be some interesting shit.

Another interesting tidbit. I was approached by the Placencia Breeze, the local newspaper, to write a monthly article. The subject was sorta left open, but naturally should do some sort of good for the area. Oh, and I was told to keep it in the ‘G’ rating category? That makes things fuckin tough. It’s not like every fuckin word outa my gotdam yapper is a shitty-assed cuss word, right?
I’ll work on it.

Then we had some friends stop by a few days ago to look at some of the photo cards we have been selling.
Sandy, whilst flipping through the cards made the best comment I have heard in a long time!
“Wow, these are really good. I didn’t know you two ever amounted to anything!”
That had us all rollin!

Happened to be at the V.I.P. lounge yesterday whe our local pig farmer rancher dropped off a poor soul for a BBQ. It just looked funny seeing them 3 big pigs in the back of that small pickup.

Easter weekend. Won’t be seeing much if any of us down south till it’s all said and done. It gets too crazy down there for me, what with the Zombie Jesus’s running round and shit.
Stupidest laws ever, no booze sold on good Friday?
What the fuck? Isn’t this the day supposedly Jesus moved that big rock and crawled outa his cave, a Zombie?

And goes about craving the brains of the living? And we can’t get drunk?
Maybe it’s like after a hurricane; they don’t want everybody hammered during a crisis. And being chased by Zombie Jesus would fall into the crisis category for sure!
And I am sure they will stay true to past holidays. The power will go out many times, the stores will run out of beer and ciggys, there will be a few car wrecks, a few burglary’s, tons of traffic, and noise.
We will be hiding out up here where it’s safe-er.

“She came onto him like a slow movin' cold front -- His beer was warmer than the look in her eyes.”


Dave + Dianna Rider said...

Happy Ezaosmtbeire Day!

Pandora's Aquarium said...

Read a great quote yesterday you may appreciate: "Oh, hey, it's passover time again! Time to celebrate how god killed a bunch of children, but not our children."

RPM said...

You HAVE to do that column. You can't limit yourself to the interwebs.

I smell a Pulitzer! Or at least a Peabody with lactose intolerance.

Just remember, print media has no delete key. That shit stays around to haunt you.

Elysia said...

Your pieces have been GREAT even with the fucking G rating! lol