Saturday, April 23, 2011

And so it goes,,,,

Every holiday that has some sort of liquor license restrictions is subject to confusion. And as with most of Belize, it is never written clearly. They seem to always leave wiggle room either for or against depending who and how it is to be enforced.
Easter being the classic example. Each year it rolls around, because people still believe in the Easter bunny, and each year the discussions start about who can be open when and why.
Apparently, good Friday is determined to be a non selling beer day because that is the day the bunny colors his eggs, as is my understanding. So, no alcohol sales on Good Friday.
But, people started to bitch about how they are not going to be anywhere near the bunny and his eggs, so the backed down to selling beer at 1800.

It’s now Saturday and I believe we are now resuming our regular scheduled program and the bunny and his followers can go do as they please.
But what also happens each year is that the cops actually try to enforce this ‘rule’? With shit going on that I don’t even talk about, how do they find the time and/or justification to spend time with this? And just how petty can someone be as to take it on their own to sneak around and try and rat out someone who they believe is defile-ling the bunny’s good name?
Pathetic I say, pathetic.
So to them and this rule I send out a heartfelt FUCK YOU!

Our friends are here. I made the trip to the airport in BZ city and we had a nice scenic drive back. Got a bit sunburned yesterday just hanging on the beach bullshittin, but at 1800 we went on the search for an open bar,, found some too!
Today they went on the Xunantunich/Blue Hole trip and by the time they get back we should be ready for some nacho’s at the V.I.P. lounge!
It has been very windy for the last week, and I hope it dies down enough they can go snorkeling.

And look what popped outa their suitcase!
A Nikkor 24-70, 2.8 zoom! What a sweet lens!

It retails for 1,899.00$ I got mime for 16.00$
How you might ask did I swing that, well, for one,,,,, it’s just a cup/beer mug!

Ha ha ha ha, and you shoulda seen the expression on Mrs. Barns face, priceless!
Still working on the D300s cash account tho.

“Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer”

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