Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a few more reasons to love Mental Breach,,,

Well I see the last video I posted was not too well received. All I can say is who the fuck would not watch a zombie porn movie? None of you that’s who. You would all watch it and you know it.
But I digress,
New bar in Seine Bight I need to check out.
Ooga Booga, or some such shit.
Right at the southern edge of the village. It looks like my kinda place, absolutely no fluff, shiney shit, or nutin. And I am hearing good reports as well. Look for a full review soon.

As for another review, I highly recommend the flour tortillas from the Hungry Gecko.

I make my own and have tried every recipe I could find, but when they are made by a person who has made them all their life, well,, you just can’t beat it! I don’t know the secret but I can buy a dozen of these beauties for 7bz$
Notice they are as thick as the scar in Scurvy’s armpit and they cover the whole plate!
Another bonus, they don’t have the soapy taste some from the village do. What’s up with that?
Then you may notice the paper towel product in the back. We don’t use Bounty or the others. No, we get Mr. Wapo!

So’k,, works fine.

One more review I hope to photo,, a new pig farm in Riversdale.
This should be good!

Oh, and did I mention the green vine snake who plopped on the deck with a house gecko in his yapper?
Well I scooted him off the deck and grabbed this shot seconds before Scurvy got involved.
And you just know how that turned out.

I can hear someone whisper "free beer" from three blocks away.


sandy a. said...

I saw that bar being built in SB when we were there at Christmas--looks a little bigger than most! Wonder if it plays punta at an ear-splitting level like most of the bars seem to do.
Thanks for the tip on Hungry Gecko tortillas...I can make them, but they aren't too round or thin...

Harley said...

Barn.. When will you Learn.. Too Many Free Beers and a man will Unknowingly Whip his Snake Out..

lynn said...

Wonder if I can get Rain or Shine to put some tortillas on the Hokey Pokey for me? Will have to check that out.