Monday, February 7, 2011

The further adventures of Suzie Cheesecake

Check it out. Tell me Scurvy is not a happy, smiling dog again. Well worth the cash we plunked down for his operation.

Then, remember the phood photo shoot I experimented with for MB Hotel? Well, it is now in a local food mag promoting Belizean restaurants.

It was a fun learning experience and the folks at the MBH could not be better to work with!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Now,, check out this movie trailer. If I made movies, porno movies, they would have to include zombies too!
Carefull, in case some of you are a bit prude-ish. The rest of you should get a chuckle.

When I’m a zombie, I’m dipping everyone in RANCH.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that was bad. But I did laugh.

JRinSC said...

You are a sick, sick man... but then we all knew that already. Great to get more confirmation though! Really glad Scurvy is well again...


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Scurvy!

Carole said...

Scurvy looks very grateful that you paid to have that lightbulb growing out of his pit removed!