Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dis di fi wi chickin

Who’s hungry?
As you may already know, stewed chicken, rice/beans is the preferred meal for the country of Belize. I am quite fond of big ‘ol plate of the stuff my self. It can be found country-wide for usually around $8bz, and that includes tater salad or maybe cole slaw. That’s true with the exception of a nearby resort who has this on their menu for $28bz!!??
I make a version as well but it just ain’t the same.
Maybe I have found out why. I have not been using this authentic Belizean recipe.
So here ya go, it’s even in Kriol.

1 meedyom er big chickin
¼ kop vineega joos a 1 liam
1 ½ teespoon seezn saal
½ teespoon blak pepa
2 plog gyaalik, chap op; er 1 teespoon jria gyaalik
½ onks er 1 tayblspoon saiz rikaado
1 teespoon Lea ‘n Perrins saas
1/8 kop vejitabl er kuhoon er kuknat ail
1 teespoon taim (if yu waahn)
1 big yelo oanyan, slais op
1 big sweet pepa, slais op
1 big tomayto & 1 big pitayta, chap op
½ tu ¾ kop kuknat milk (if yu wahn)

Kot op di chickin eena di saiz porshan weh yu waahn. (Tek aff di shin fu les fat)
Wash wid vineega er liam joos ahn 2-3 kop a wata.
Jrayn gud gud.
Ad di seezninz.
Shayk op ayn dong soh di chickin kova wid di seezninz.
Mash op di rikaado eena saas.
Ad tu chickin.
Ad di vejitablz ahn mek ih stay deh fu 35-40 minits.(er oavanait eena di frij even beta)
Heet ail eena wahn hevi pat sotay ih hat hat.
Fria di chickin lee bit sotay ih bail. Ad ½ kop wata, den tun dong heet tu meedyom.
Kova sotay ih bail den chek si if ih don.
If nat, ad moa wata ahn bail sotay ih don (bowt 15-20 minits)
Yu ku ad di vejitablz ahn pitatya, tomayto ahn taim fahn di taim yu staat tu brayz if yu waahn dehn saafi saafi, er wayt sotay now fu ad if yu waahn dehn moa ferm.
Ad lee wata ahn kuk dong tu ail.
Aalso, if nais nais wen yu ad kuknat milk jus bifoa yu ton aaf de heet.
Serv wid rais ahn beenz, er schoo beenz ahn rais.

And there you fucking have it!

Now if you can’t make a good stewed chicken meal outa that, you are hopeless!

Your welcome.

Esplanade, (v.) to attempt an explanation while drunk.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks really good!

Anonymous said...

I heard they're going to open another chicken rice/beans franchise a little further down the peninsula.

They'll probably be offering an all you can eat buffet for $56BZ!!?

Dave + Dianna Rider said...

Hey thanks Barn. Finally, a recipe that makes sense.


Sue W said...

Fortunately, I still have some "rikaado" in my freezer. Thanks for the recipe.

Harley said...

Barn... Que la cena trae a la mente mi comida favorita otros que sabe a pollo... Mantener los refitos Por Favor....

Anonymous said...



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