Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ice Ice ,, baby.

Way the fuck back, before there was refrigeration, the only way to keep your beer cold was with ice or snow.
I mean even the cavemen had to keep their beer in the snow banks or in the rivers not only to keep it cold but to hide it from marauding bands of drunkin wooly mammoths!
And it went on like this for centuries. But of course you already knew that, right?
Back in the 1930’s my grandfather, Granpappy Barn had an ice route. His main man and head flunky was my dad. They delivered ice in the Barnum Park area of west Denver.
I never met my grand dad but have been told he was a great guy.

My dad told me they had a dog named Skipper who would ride on the hood of the ice truck while they made their rounds.

The last few trips I have made to Denver, my mom is starting to give shit away in preparation of selling the house which we all know will happen soon so she wants to begin to ease into that.
One item I wanted to have was this money pouch dad and his dad used on the ice route.

It has a lot of history behind it!
Now that it is here in the tropics I have to take good care of it and I treat it with Mink Oil and Saddle Soap regularly.

We now have an ice delivery service here in the Breach and points beyond. Each time I see the truck I am reminded of my dad.
No it’s not that Ray looks like my GrandPappy, nor does Julio look like my dad! But they deliver ice from a truck and the similarities end there.
Oh, and the ice now-a-days is not used to keep beer cold but for the rum drinks. And that’s a lot of rum drinks being chilled!

An Irishman is the only man in the world who will step over the bodies of a dozen naked women to get to a bottle of stout .


Anonymous said...

Where do you find the minks and how do you get the oil out of 'em?

krastallas said...

love old memory stuff....good to write down to even remember them! nice.